Hope it makes you laugh!


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Just another day at the drop box.

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Had a laboratory that did drug testing and other types of blood and urine work walk across the parking lot and leave about fifteen refrigerated NDA boxes outside of the letter box in the middle of July. Torrential downpour and 40mph gusts ruined the ones that I could find. Showed a picture of it to the loss prevention guy and they became a regular pickup. Makes ya wonder how many guys got screwed out of a job or paid child support to kids that weren’t theirs with how they treat their samples.


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The best is the lady that knows my letterbox times and will wait for me with ten + irregulars at a time. She is too nice for me to be mean to her, according to her other drivers are not so accommodating lol


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I had an old gal who once a week would put 4 or 5 letters (post office kind of letters) in one of my letterboxes. I tried telling her a couple of times that we had nothing to do with the PO but apparently she couldn't comprehend that. I mailed them for her at the PO anyway------------because I'm such a nice guy.


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I’ve never taken anything outside the box.

I left one for a week. It was a FEG box. Saw it Monday, on Friday the owner of the package was waiting for me. He ripped into me for several minutes and finished with, "When in the hell were you going to pick this up??"
Me, "Never." Points to emblem on box, then emblem on shirt. "UPS does not pick up FEG packages."