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  1. Just Numbers

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    So when will modern technology allow us to consolidate the board of directors. Could get rid of half of them, save a lot of money and still not notice any difference. Better yet...get rid of all of them and replace them with REAL UPS'ERS. you know, people that really know what it takes to pick up a package on one end (if Fedex hasn't taken it already) and move it to delivery on the other. :angry:
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    Start with Scott Davis.
    1) Not a UPSER like in the past
    2) Ran a company the SUCKED and UPS bought out.

    Why let him run our company if he ran one into oblivion already? If you have crashed your car you are not driving mine!
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    Amen brother, the partnership is truely dead!!! Profit before people.... Casey is rolling....not his company...not ours....only greed:dead:
  5. Just Numbers

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    Can someone please what purpose William R. Johnson serves as a member of the UPS Board of Directors (he is also the CEO and President of H.J,Heinz). Do we need to know how to make pickles and relishes? Where does that fit in with operating the largest package delivery system in the world? :why:
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    guys,a board of directors can't be made up of company employees. we are a public company. the more diverese our board is, the better balance we have.
  7. Just Numbers

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    Balance in regard to what...dill relish? As a shareholder of this public company diversity doesn't mean as much to me as to having people in place that know how to run the company!
  8. upssalesguy

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    before you go start questioning the people on the board, why dont you realize what they do at their own company. go look and see what kind of people are on other boards of directors for fortune 500 companies.

    i dont think this dude is pushing relish everyday, i think he is running a fortune 50 company. we are lucky to have him on our board.

    and, as a sharholder, you get to vote on who is on the board. shocking, huh?
  9. Just Numbers

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    Shocking in the fact that your vote means very little. It is the blocks of stock owned by pension funds ect. that keep these "professional" members of boards in place. They are no better than "professional politicians". Think about it...
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    Without getting into the merits of the board or its size, they have almost nothing to do with running the business on a day to day basis. I'd have to pull up some files to see what their exact responsibilities are but is more about auditing, compensation and very big picture view. Someone from a relish company could be bringing financial expertise, human resource expertise, etc but they do not create the business plan, methods, etc. I do believe, without taking the time to verify, that there are regulations in place that a percentage of a board of a public company have to be outsiders and I don't think we want someone with package expertise (FedEx) on our board.
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    Hold the pickles, hold the relish...........What?.......I can't have it my way?:dissapointed:
  12. Just Numbers

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    You may be right about the regulations, I'm not sure. But, if we need the expertise, why don't we hire a consulting firm...and pay them until their expertise is no longer needed. Every board member we have has a compensation package that costs us dearly with pension after they retire and don't forget about the rest of the perks...stock options ect. What ever happened to the concept at UPS that we promote from within.
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    +1 even though its diverse xD
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    It might be worth reading about UPS governance:

    There is a huge difference between the board of directors (majority outside) vs. the management committee (100% inside).

    This is by plan and for good reasons.

    By the way, Davis has been with UPS for 23 years. It seems silly to me to say that unless UPS was someone's first job, they are not a "true UPSer".

    Its also not true that Davis "Ran a company the SUCKED and UPS bought out". I worked a lot with IIMorrow in those days. (assuming you are talking about that).

  15. UPS Lifer

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    One of my favorite saying is that you should "walk a mile in the other person's shoes". Maybe then you will have a better understanding of what is going on. You may not be able to go on a board of directors to see what they do and what goes on and how much they get paid. BUT, you can do some research and keep an open mind so that you will have a better understanding of what goes on.

    The comments you have been making are very silly to me and I am sure you are an intelligent person.

    Jim Casey once said "Our horizon is as distant as our mind's eye wishes it to be". This still holds true today.

    UPS is doing what it needs to do to be here another 100 years. You need the best minds on the Board of Directors to give advice and help our Management Committee steer this ship on the right course.

    Should the company be like GM and wait until it goes bankrupt before it does a course correction??? Doesn't 7 quarters of negative trends in small package mean something needs to change???

    A good manager and leader requires a skill set that transcends UPS. A well functioning board will have successful leaders who have a knowledge base in all facets of your business and who bring strengths from outside our narrow corporate structure. These areas include - International - Business Law - Human Resources - Technology - Tax & Finance - etc. etc. etc. - My guess is that there is someone on the board who is an expert at restructuring business flow and reducing redundancies.

    Like I said... Do some research on the general concepts of how - what - why of a board of directors. This may give you a better understanding and more confidence in who is running your company.