how can we be charged with an accident?

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    Our drivers were informed recently that if we hit someones dog, in their driveway and the owners called in, we are charged with an accident. We were also told that since the driveways are now thawing, if we cause any type of damage with our trucks, to the owners driveways, we also get charged with an accident. Wow, really? So , if I am going down a long rural driveway, swerve to miss their dog, break a mirror, kill their dog, and damage the yard or driveway, is that three accidents? fired!!! Don't we have enough to worry about, time commits, pick up compliance, over 9.5 etc, etc, etc!!
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    I think every accident is reviewed and certainly a situation like the one you describe would have to be investigated for avoidability.

    Remember that an accident is defined as contact with another object (person, animal even) that results in damage or injury.
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    Yes we do, but that won't stop BigBrown from piling up more.
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    Hit and kill a dog in the street--no problem.

    Hit and kill a dog in the driveway--accident.

    Damage a driveway due to spring thaw--accident.

    Break a mirror--tell the mechanic--most will replace w/o telling mgt
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    I have reported mirror breakage to management and they told me to tell the mechanic. So, that's what I do.
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    Stay out of the driveway and avoid three accidents.:happy-very:
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    When in doubt walk it out..$$$$$$
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    We have safety demos where we time the difference between walking a long driveway and driving in. It takes a really long driveway before it is faster than walking in (if it is not a circle drive.) If you have to pull ahead a little, than back again to get turned around, the driveway can be even longer and you are still saving time by walking.

    Lots of benefits to walking driveways: keeps bosses off your back, gets your heart rate up a little and stretches out your legs.

    In rural areas, you also have to think about parking safely by the road. If it is a narrow road, it is also a good idea to fold in the driver's side mirror (I do that about 4-6 times a day, does not take any extra time.)

    At our center, a broken mirror = preventable accident.

    Yard damage has been a preventable ever since I started driving. We have a couple every Spring it seems.

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    Walk off all stops, work longer, grieve, get less stops. Make every decision the company makes about safety cost them production. They want safety and production but they can't have both.
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    Thats the way my center operates.

    We had a guy kill a dog when it ran out under the REAR wheels. He didn't even see the thing. The owner said "He died doing the thing he loved the most"....He got charged with an avoidable

    We do the same demo, we have it in our demo book.

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    Broken mirrors are accidents if it is caused by a branch of something like that (in my center.) I broke 2 while adjusting, replaced, no accident.

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    Paid i had a bad feeling they would charge him with avoidable thats to bad

    also what of driver who was hit head on at 40 mph avoidable unavoidable?
  15. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    I'm not so sure that they have come back on that one..Can say for sure,
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    Is he driving yet
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    I could show you a half a dozen driveways that are a quarter to a half mile long. You won't yell at me if my SPH goes down while I'm out for stroll in the wood will you? It's NOT always as cut and dried as management would like to believe. :happy-very:
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    A week from Monday.
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    I walk a couple of really long ones. There is no place to turn around, so I would have to back all the way out. Trust your gut. If you think it could be bad news, don't take the chance.

    There was also a drive on a route I covered. It was almost a mile long. There was no place to turn around and they did a horrible job of plowing. I refused to deliver that address and a supe investigated and agreed.

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    No way would i back out but i am a good enough driver to back in a quarter mile even though i no better