How is everyone’s truck looking today?

Brown Biscuit

Blind every day
Route I’m covering has 60 stops and 7 pickups. I might finish up with 7 hours. Life is good! Hope I’m not the only one with a light day!

eats packages

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I sabotaged wednesday's load so its pretty light today. I choose to believe I was responsible.

Not everyone has it good today, pretty random who gets blasted or not.


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I'm watching reruns of Grey's anatomy in my dirty underwear.
Yuk. Nobody touch anything!

Brown Down

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I'm delivering ground zero with the biggest football game of the year(for us) happening tonight. Plus the weather is nice. I was screwed before I started.


Gone Fish'n
Double the work, double the fun, triple the pay, gonna be a 9 hour day.

Should be home in time to watch half of Attack on Titan season 3 with my daughter who’s home from college for the week. Gonna work tomorrow for that sweet OT, then finish up the rest of the season.


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Off by, do I still get 8 hours today? A little confused by the time card


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