How long before Amazon cuts off ties with UPS and makes UPS go out of business

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    What's a ture ??
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    Oh here we go AGAIN..........
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    When did amazon become UPS's only business? Will losing amazon hurt UPS? Yes. Will Ups go under? No. Plenty of other business out there to keep us afloat.
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    I think it will happen within the next few weeks. Unemployment here I come!
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    What are you smoking?
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    I'd love to know how Amazon would stay in business without UPS either, there is no other shipping entity they could offload UPS' haul to.

    They're married for life, whether they like it or not.
  8. Ain't going to happen. Amazon will move volume around between carriers. But they wouldn't take it all from one. Nobody could take all the excess volume. Not even the postal service.
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    Seriously tired of this thread
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    When they buy the remnants of DHL in the US. To expand their delivery service.
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    Years ago here in upstate New York we had Kodak film big shipper with us. When ever they went on strike we would have lay offs. Now they are almost ( if not out of business) some how ups is still here with out them
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    bring on the next amazon
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