How much to set aside for truck maintenance and purchase

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    I'm still considering the purchase of 3 PSAs and 2 supps. How much should I be figuring for truck maintenance? How much should I be setting aside each month for the purchase of new trucks? (About how long (miles) does a freightliner P1000 typically last?)
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    Maintenance will vary tremendously depending on a number of variables. The make, model, mileage and condition of the vehicles. And, the routes they run. Are they in-town or rural? Dirt or paved roads? Long rural routes with dirt roads will increase your maintenance tremendously - they eat up tires and rattle everything loose. I did $28,000 on maintenance in 2012 on just 3 trucks. I'm running 4 trucks this year and in the first 8 months of 2013 I have spent over $46,000. That includes, tires, oil changes, transmission work, broken windshields, oil leaks, injectors, fuel pumps, etc... A Freightliner P1000 should get 750K miles or more if well maintained. If you are purchasing routes from FedEx, don't do it. You will rue the day.
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    Stay away from any truck that packs a v6 or v8 international deisel engine the newer ones will absolutely positively bankrupt you without a doubt. ( exept the 7.3 this is the only good one!)