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    can someone explain how sales reps are paid? If I turn in a solid lead that starts using ups, does the rep who sets the account up get a cut...even though I did all of the work? Does anyone know an average yearly salary of a account rep.
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    Our sales reps are, without a doubt, the most USELESS group of people in the company. Anything they are paid is too much.
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    Show me a sales rep. Never see one. I have heard of them.
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    We were in a sales lead meeting , and flipped through our sales rep' s monthly planner. It had one appointment in it for the whole month. They want us to carry on conversations with all of our shippers about sales leads and still make commits on the other 100 plus stops. If the sales reps worked at the same pace as a driver they could visit every pick up account in our center in a week.
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    The sales rep is a dieing breed because of the internet! Most customers don't want to be bothered when they can go to or ask the driver, track their deliveries, and keep up to date with new services!
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    This wasnt a post to bash the sales dept, I know there are many on here who have issues with that dept, especially since drivers are so brainwashed into growing the company along with the other countless things we do in a day. I just have never seen a post on here about their salaries. I thought they were given stock, like the mgt, but someone who has more experience with this will have to chime in.
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    SSR's are on salary.AE's have salary plus work on commission.We have 8 reps in building.All of them are hard working and their daily planners always have a few customer visits a week scheduled.I disagree with the post that stated people just want to open their own accounts at may stert that way but without a rep they will not be able to find out about any discounts that they may be entitled to.This is another good way to get a sales lead.Let existing accounts that opened on their own know that they may be entitled to shipping discounts and submit a lead with their info.

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    All the "AE's" in our center are all overweight. One thing I can say they certainly not starving.
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    One of the AE's and one of the sales rep., I see maybe 2 times a year are "oversized" in our building.
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  12. thats 109 a day.......very good Re Raise
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    Yeah,I thought that was a lot,but what do I know i'm only a driver.
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    I wish that was true. Marketing and communications have redesigned the Business Solutions sub-site on several times and customer usage is abysmal. Common feedback is that the customer wants to hear it from a human in an interactive conversation. We are working on having "live chat" to help the user when it "appears" they are stuck on certain pages. At some point when the customer is looking for information on and indication is that they are unsuccessful, a live chat session will pop-up and a Customer Service Rep will offer to help.
  15. Everybody sells...go look at yourself in the mirror and then let's see if you can sell.
  16. There is more to selling than just visiting the account.....go read any book on sales and then you will only begin to start to understand.
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    most of the reps only go to big customer on my route had a problem they waited about 1 month.some waited 3 weeks on sales seeems like the men reps walk around the center with hands in pocket.(almost ask if he is playing pool?)most reps go home around 4;oo on friday.
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    Well, this will be my first post, but as a female SSR (entry level sales rep for those who may not know the sales rep business structure) I feel the need to explain a few things. First off, like looper84 mentioned already, SSR's are paid on a strict 40 hour ONLY salary. We are considered specialist with no MIP benefits that all other management sees. There have been MANY weeks where myself and my coworkers had so much work to finish when our 40 hours were maxed that we basically volunteer our time. The reason being...we can't let the customer down and ruin our personal reputations in the sales field for 3 hours of unpaid work. One reason you may not see a rep in the center is because we are suppossed to be in the field...that's how you make sales.

    At times I feel the SSR role may be the toughest of the sales rep positions. Here are a list of normal requirements for an SSR (at least for my district)

    -6 Sales calls per day (30 total for the week minimum)- this makes it difficult for us to focus on making QUALITY sales calls that will in the end grow the business, our main goal. A good sales call can last over an hour plus, however good sales calls lead to a lot of follow-up work including running pricing agreements, technology implementations, and anything else a customer may request (you should hear some of those! :)
    -I have to relocate 6 letter boxes this year, all that have to grow over 2 pieces per day (tougher than it sounds!)
    -Remarket 8 letter boxes that lead to a 2ppd increase
    -Visit my extended centers and somehow manage to pry leads out of RIGHTFULLY disgruntled drivers (please don't think I dog the drivers, their my favorite people since day one as an OMS, but PLEASE don't take it out on me!)
    -And remember, if I have a bad day, I can't show that $hi*, I've got to maintain a smile good customer wants to buy from a Debbie Downer. Try that one out on after being dispatched with 150 stops on a day you requested an 8 hour. this point I've realized that there's too much to explain all of what I do, it's so ridiculous how much they can expect from one person to accomplish in a week, but I swear at the end of the week I'm ready to pull my hair out, slam a tall boy or two, and I don't think about work again until Sunday night. Also remember, we take the heat for just about everything and are constantly putting out fires.

    Anyways, I could rant all day and defend the sales reps, but I'm sure it varies from district to district, I just know that I try my hardest and do the best I can. I feel I should be paid MORE than just my base salary, which isn't much...don't let the washable JC Penny suits fool you! (Washable to avoid paying for drycleaning!) It's getting draining to be selling and not seeing anything for it, and it's a job in itself to stay motivated each day. At least all others are eligible for SLIM visa $. But I'm just hoping something good will come from my hard work, whether it's with or without UPS.

    By the way....I have a gym membership and consider myself in pretty good shape...and my workout buddy is another rep I work with and he's pretty cut. We vent a lot at the gym :) We do have a couple fatty's though, I won't deny that, but let's not generalize.
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    Do not take it personally. No one understands a job until they do it. That was the best part of ups Old, everyone did the job before they supervised it, now not so much.
    We have days like you also where we get behind and we have no way to defend ourselves as everything is measured. And there is no"bad day, or bad customer key"
    I think its unfair to say that aes are fat and lazy, I havent seen many fat or lazy ups people. There could be a few, but we all work our :censored2: off.
    And it is not the AES fault that we are overworked and dont want to get leads. We know that no routes will be added until hell freezes, and we dont have time to ask, we are not allowed much customer contact, and when we do, its over allowed, no way to code it out. So its a viscious circle and instead of working as a team, we end up enemies. I guess thats how the ivory tower wants it. They still believe that the people who like each other leastare more productive working across from each other.

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    I think of this everytime I hear about sale leads and reps

    Alec Baldwin - Best performance

    One of the best scenes in movie history

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