How serious are they about sales leads in your first 30 days??

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  1. ManInBrown

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    Would it be a reason to be DQ'ed if I didn't get any? First day supe said to me "sales leads look good in your book". I'm scratching. I am on the same route everyday for the first 30 and it's 95% resi. And the couple business stops I have had so far, are already using UPS. I don't know how I can get sales leads on this route. And I have never been much of a salesman.
  2. Bagels

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    If you worked for FedEx, you should have a fairly good idea of who their larger local shippers are. Just turn those in.
  3. ManInBrown

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    What exactly do I have to turn in? Just the name of the company? Do I have to physically go there and talk to the shipper or just turn the info in?
  4. Bagels

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    No, you do not have to talk to the shipper - you just need submit the contact info. At least where I'm at, management doesn't scrutinize it -- they turn it into the sales department, which usually sends the info to a Salt Lake City (?) call center that filters out "real" leads from the "just did it to get management off my back" ones.
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    OK. Thanks
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    I made book a few months ago and sales leads haven't been brought up since driver school. Maybe your center is different?
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    What's a sales lead?
    Isn't that why we have a sales department?
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    Don't worry, your on car will turn in one in your name to meet his monthly quota.
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    The last thing that you should concern yourself with at this point is sales leads. You are on an established training route----any opportunites for growth have already been identified by the bid driver----you main concern at this point is qualifying. That being said, you sup is right in that a sold sales lead would certainly work in your favor toward qualifying.
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    You don't know Jack about this job till you have been doing it for a few months.....just focus on your driving skills and delivery methods, then go after some leads ! Good Luck !!!
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    Thanks for all your responses. I never even thought to just hand in all the big shippers that we had at FedEx. I thought I had to make contact with the shipper to hand in a lead. Shooting fish in a barrel here:happy-very: Handing in about 20 tomorrow.​At least half already use UPS to some extent from what I saw while working at FedEx. But a few were strictly FedEx.
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    funny you ask that. Our full time preloaders have sales leads posted on their daily reports as well. Doesn't make any sense to me either.
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    Solid move. We should know that these shippers left us but I wonder who is paying attention at times.
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    ​Unfortunately, this was always my experience.
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    Holy crap! 20? Turn one in with my name on it to get them off my back.
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    This is exactly what will happen. Been at UPS almost 29 years now and have never turned in a sales lead. When sales leads are the flavor of the month, an on car sup will come to our satellite center, take my diad and enter the return address off a NDA that we recieved for delivery that day.
  18. Jackburton

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    About as serious as an account manager learning how to deliver packages.
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    Turn in your mom. She can establish an account and then never use it. It's a bad economy.
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    I told my sup, when he had Business Cards printed up with my name on them as a Sales Rep I'd get him all the leads he could handle. Haven't heard a word from him since, yet somehow I have had 3 sold and producing leads. Even got a UPS coffee mug last week at PCM. I must be doing something right out there