How to work your way up?

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    Hey everyone, I'm working as a package handler part time right now until I finish school. I'm just finishing up my 3rd year and have a year possibly a year and one or two quarters left (if I can get the classes I need). I'm getting a degree in economics and financial management and I explicitly made clear during the interview for the package handler job that if available I intend to make a career at UPS if they saw fit.

    What can I do to find out if there will be the option to work up the ladder after I graduate?

    Should I just wait until I graduate and for the time being work as a peon?


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    depends what you consider up!
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    Wear teamster shirts to work everyday.
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    two words: Knee Pads
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    If you're looking to get into management you need to let your full time supervisor know that you're interested in becoming a supervisor.

    If you're looking at a career in driving with UPS you have you wait your turn on the seniority list and kiss all the time and money that you :censored2: away in school goodbye!
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    Well, you start at my toes. Slowly, you can work your way up to........

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    The elbow?

    That's always the sweet spot.
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    I think it's about five inches below the belly button.
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    Prepare to sacrifice a decade of your life at low pay.
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    3 things. School, School and more School. Learn the business from the hourlies and to some extent, and i emphasize SOME management. Get your degree and do your time. School and a degree is a gateway to anything you want at UPS. Full-time hourly is just putting in your time, nothing more. Get your education and explore your options. Learn the business and listen to the hourlies. If you went into management, your experience will help you to relate to all different kinds of employees. You will have your degree, management would snatch you up in a heartbeat.
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    No, the elbow is part of your arm. sheesh
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