How was Anaheim lost?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Evil, Nov 26, 2015.

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    I over heard JP talking about having a conversation with AM and retired president of 952 BH also known as "the BBQ Grill Salesman."

    He was saying that B had done a great job of keeping the Anaheim hub strongly loyal to JR and the local. But since B retired G "the used car salesman" M has failed badly in keeping that building in check.

    I hear B is scratching his head wondering how the kid he groomed (GM) has lost half of that hub. Fat boy MM lost Laguna about a decade ago, but Anaheim was a lock under B.

    Should the piece of garbage carve out or "the used car salesman" be blamed for this?

    GM has been telling everyone at panel that he'll be inheriting the same local when PK retires. His primary concern should be winning the respect of his members after lying about the inferior carve out the members are paying for. Let's not forget the one punch rule either G and R!

    Think about it over your turkey dinner sellouts!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    You need to find your self a woman or a dude or something.
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    Sounds like the old guard roosters are running out of places to hide!
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    Sounds like you and a couple other guys on this site really like roosters and have an infatuation with them. I suggest a little less time on this site and more time on a dating site. So you can't get the rooster you want and need. Be safe when you find it.
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    " the used car salesman".. " the kid", " fat boy MM".... Lol I'm sorry but it just sounds funny...
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    The op seems like he might be mentally challenged. Something is a little off with that guy.
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    Perhaps he's just "Evil"?