I am the kid who lost his leg in a yard accident

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    Hello. My name is D*, I am the kid who lost a leg to a horrible yard accident a year ago. I was working as a part time unloader/package handler. I was a Teamster. At approximately 21:25 a trailer was backing into a bay door as I was crossing the catwalk. I slipped on an envelop that was left on the catwalk. One of my legs went outside the opening and the trailer backed in on it. I had my leg amputated.

    I am curious if any one of you have heard any stories similar to this, or have experienced such an accident.

    Your Teamster Brother
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  2. Bagels

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    My condolences for your accident and may God bless you.

    While I do not recall hearing details of this specific accident, it's probably the one that lead to us now having to completely close every single overhead door in the input. Previously, we could keep idle doors open & active doors open 1/4 of the way.

    I would also advise other BrownCafe members to exercise caution when responding. It's likely being written by Mr. Lynch or his lawyers (given the verbiage, probably his lawyers) to seek information in preparation of a lawsuit.
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    Just so you know my BS detector is going off... please...

    You are responsible for protecting your own privacy and respecting the privacy of others. This means no posting of your own or any other person's full name, email addresses, work or home locations, job titles, phone numbers, addresses, Social Security numbers, or any other personally identifiable or private information. This also means your full name cannot be used as your username or posted anywhere on our site.
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    Yes the teamster brother signature raised my eyebrows....i call total BS!!
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    I do not have enough information to confirm, nor reject OP's claim.

    With nothing more then a post to go on, I will refrain from adding anything of substance. Is there anything that you can post to confirm your identity?
  6. Bagels

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    Judging by the plethora of newly registered users, including "Loyal Teamstr," posting in a similar time frame today, I think it's highly probable that our friend is punking us once again.

    Regardless, a Google search of the OP's name (performed before it was edited out) turned up no news stories. Given the construction of the post, I'd say it's highly probable it's also the work of "Loyal Teamster." In any event, no "kid" talks like "at 21:25..."
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    Bagels, I agree, but I can't rule out the possibility.

    What city is the IP address coming from?
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    Believe me, or don't, it's your choice.

    Based upon what I can see from the admin panel I am 98% sure this is a troll post.
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    Have no reason not to believe. I have been a moderator in the past and familiar with things that can be seen with the IP. Patterns can be seen.

    So there you have it. I just having to go thru life questioning everything and everyone. People suck, well a lot of people suck.
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    Look before stepping, make adjustments to changing conditions.

  11. bleedinbrown58

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    Did the OP not learning the 7 keys to avoiding loss of limbs?
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    So when you buy shoes do you get half off?
  13. bleedinbrown58

    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

  14. cachsux

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    At the 2 for 1 sale.
  15. UPSGUY72

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    The troll wasn't following the 5 keys to avoid slips and falls.

    Anyways where did the troll go.
  16. 104Feeder

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    Which leg was it? Right, left, or Third?

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    U should have made your screen name Ray Finkle. Would have been way funnier.
  18. Baba gounj

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    DDarrel , you must pm Klein.
    He is the number one expert on why bad things happen while working for UPS .
  19. Wally

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    My friend said he knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith.
    So I asked him, "What was the name of his other leg?"
  20. Re-Raise

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    Same thing happened to me the other day. I cut what was left of my leg off myself with a pocket knife I carry with me. Then I fashioned a homemade tourniquet from an avon package strap, so I could finish my shift.

    I also apologized to the feeder driver for blocking his path to the door... my bad.