I Found out when we will actually know what the Teamcare Benefits will be

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by browned out, Sep 19, 2013.

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    The final mailing info is direct from the Teamcare website:
    Summary Plan Description: The final mailing will consist of TeamCare’s Summary Plan Description and other required legal notices. So you will not know actually what your benefits will be until the FINAL MAILING which will be well after we vote.
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    What vote? It's already been voted yes by the master. Nothing we can do to change it. Just vote yes and get it over with. It's like trying to prevent something that's inevitable.
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    It may be inevitable but how long will it be until all the supplements are passed? What if they don't all pass - then what???

    Our raises are going to come to us in a lump sum so what's the rush to vote yes if you don't agree with the T&C's of your supplement?
  4. RealPerson

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    WRONG -- Mostly.

    Voted No the first time, and Lookie Lookie, Benefits are getting better.

    You are right, the National Did pass, but ANYthing can be added or changed in a Supplement, AND AND
    we are now negotiating with the UNION for the Benefits. UPS is telling them to get them a deal to get them to vote yes.
    IBT isn't going to pass up Billions a year in payments from UPS, they have once put a little sugar on this, time to make it right!
  5. Wally

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    Sounds like "We have to vote on it to find out what's in in". What a disaster that is turning out to be Pelosi!
  6. browned out

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    A yes vote on something that is not explained is ignorant. Why won't Teamcare post a Summary Plan Description until after the supplements are voted thru? Why won't the National tell us exactly what our new benefits will consist of? Anyone who votes yes on this blind blank benefits package and then is dumbfounded when their claim is denied by Teamcare deserves to be hit with a wet noodle or at least hit with a hub snake. myteamcare.org go to the website and submit a few questions to Teamcare. Teamcare is welcoming questions but not answering the tough questions.
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    I'm from the Midwest, which means a lot of rural areas and small towns. TeamCare uses Quest Diagnostics for lab work (blood tests, urinalysis etc.) and US Imagery for x-rays and MRIs. These are only located in the bigger cities! You will be responsible for 20% of the bill because you have to use an out-of-network provider! This came out at one of the informational meetings our Local 554 and TeamCare held. This was NOT shared in any of the brochures! I'm recommending a "NO" vote until this is rectified. Ask your business agent or a TeamCare representative about their lack of coverage.
  8. brownmonster

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    I've had local 344 insurance for 24 years. Not one contract vote in that time involved what the benefits would be, only the negotiated amount UPS would contribute. Welcome to the club.
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    Sorry, yours is a club I don't care to join. I will fight to make sure the hourlies in my Local get the best benefits available. With the first "NO" vote on the Central States Supplement, TeamCare improved the benefits. Now, with a 2nd "NO" vote looming, TeamCare is again expanding their benefits! Trying to sweeten-the-pot so to speak. It CAN be done! But it requires a push back from the members. And we are pushing back!