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    A few days after I go my part-time seniority, I was written up for misloads. To be fair and honest, I think that it is important to do well and make the drivers day as easy as possible. I think on some level, I may have deserved the write up. I wasn't exactly a new employee, but I have proven to have made significant changes within the following months and I think that I was still trying to get my act together. Which I did do in time. It has probably been about nine months since that happened and I do have a few questions.

    I am still slightly concerned however. Getting written up for misloading itself isn't what I have grown to be concerned about. It's that I have realized that they took advantage of what little I knew regarding my rights, being part of the union. My supervisor came to me, told me I was being written up, advised me to sign and gave me no warning letter. I signed and haven't heard anything about it since. Weren't they supposed to give me a warning letter first? I know now that I could have refused to sign and asked for my steward, which I what I would have done.

    How long does that stay on my record? I'm in the pacific northwest and we have a very strong local here. I have no worries at all. My only concern is that I feel like they took advantage of what I didn't know. Welcome to UPS, right? Anyhow, I have become very pro union since my employment and have been vocal about it. Our contract states that we are able to file a grievance on something within 30 days of the occurrence; in which I keep a log of everything each month that I can file for. It's a way to protect myself from management, as I have made it clear that I am not an ass kisser like some preloaders. I do not plan of filing unless I get a warning letter or write up.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Learn from it and move on.
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    You got a verbal warning. It is the first step, and less severe than a warning letter.
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    Sounds like you either got a verbal warning or you were just given a form acknowledging that your supervisor told you that you had a couple misleads. Either way it's not a big deal. Especially since it was nine months ago.

    What IS a big deal and a potential long-term problem for your employers is that they should have gotten rid of you before you hit your seniority date. Now they have a troublemaker on their hands who thinks he can use the union to bully his employers when he gets written up for his job performance. I think it's funny as hell that you brag of being so pro-union since your employment. Must be great barely making above minimum wage while the drivers reap 99% of the benefits from the union.
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    So you think it's bullying when he grieves contract violations and potentially undeserved discipline? Was it bullying when his supervisors purposely took advantage of his ignorance of his rights when discpline was being administered?
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    What undeserved discipline? He got a bunch of misloads which ruined a drivers day and impacted the centers productivity. Afterwards he was talked to about it by his supervisor and they made him sign a paper acknowledging the discussion. Now he has a chip on his shoulder and carries around a log recording perceived "contract violations" and threatens to file grievances against his employers if they ever discipline him for his performance in the future.

    What a joke of a system. It's also pretty much blackmail. He's saying he sees them doing things wrong but he wont say anything unless they go after him first for his performance issues. Do you not see how absurd that is?
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    this is how it is suppose to work. everyday someone in the office writes down the miss loads for the day and what loader is responsible. they then are suppose to write the loader up you is responsible. this can happen everyday or it can happen once a month, it depends on how many miss loads you have. usually they don't give you a warning letter, until you have a butt load or you have a bunch in one day. So if you don't belive your responsible for the misloads or someone lied, you can file. also you don't have to sign anything but your paycheck if you want.
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    your allowed union representation, if he was in the union.
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    Outside of pay what other benifit do drivers get that part timers don't
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    I said potentially underserved discipline.

    He acknowledged this. He also said he might have deserved the write up, even from his perspective. If he has a chip on his shoulder, it's because they took advantage of his ignorance at the time. Not because of the write up itself.

    They do the same with us.

    I do take issue with this. Grievances are supposed to be a claim or accusation that the contract was violated, not a weapon to be used at just the right moment. He's turning them into something personal, and he really should reconsider this strategy.

    I wouldn't mind having a uniform. :) Gotta work that into the next contract...
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    I did acknowledge that I may have deserved the write-up, but I also did state that it was more so that they took advantage of my ignorance. I also stated that my performance has improved and it has improved significantly. As for using the union to "bully" my supervisors, this simply is not the case. Because I have union protection, I plan to use my rights as a worker and hold them accountable. If they expect me to give %110, as they have every right to, I will do the same.

    I didn't mention how many misloads I had. To be fair, if just one misload keeps a driver from spending any time with his family, then shame on me. I will say that the amount of misloads that I was disciplined for, seemed a little unreasonable. Though again, I may have deserved it because I don't think there is an excuse for poor performance.
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    Thank you, thank you!

    You know, maybe I will reconsider this strategy. For me, it's a way to protect myself but if it seems out of line, maybe I will relax a bit.
  14. Dracula

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    I wouldn't worry about it. Just know if it ever happens again, stop your sup, tell him we'll talk about it when you go get my steward. If he's reviewing something in your file, he should know he needs to have a steward there.
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    I am sure your non-monetary grievances truly are terryfing to the center management team. How about you make a file of all of your Missloads then apologize to those drivers and customers. I bet you will have less then.
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    What misloads as of late?
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    Why don't you tell the OP the truth?

    That being, as long as they maintain an above average attendance record as a part time preloader, they will never be fired and any other warning letters might as well be written on toilet paper.

    You @CanOSup should apologize to them for only paying them $10/hr.
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    I don't negotiate part time wage rates on behalf of union employees. Maybe your union should apologize. What employer would say " you are asking me to give them 10$ an hour? Nah, I'll give them 15.
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    Those wages are negotiated at minimums, and in some places UPS does offer more in order to fortify and bolster the part time workforce.
    An annual tuition reimbursement program of more than $5,000/year was just instituted at my building this year.

    There is absolutely nothing stopping the Company from paying more, aside from a top heavy managerial structure, where at least every other supe contributes next to nothing to the success of the operation, unless they are performing bargaining unit work.

    Which one are you, "partner"?
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    Many smart business pay more then minimum wage to attract and keep a higher quality employee. But what do I care. When the Hubs or preload can't fully staff their operation you can pay me $50+/hr OT to work doubles. Make $2000/wk working PT.