I think I hate the Teamsters

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  1. I'm not in the union I believe it was the union who screwed us all over with this contract I believe they could've had this contract ratified months ago but I believe at the end of the day the union is only looking out for themselves I know they're making some kind of money from somewhere a union steward at my hub made it pretty obvious that he's getting paid by the union no way does a part time employee make five grand a month only working 20 hours a week
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    You're a idiot.
  3. Just think about it UPS can only throw ideas and suggestions on the table the union ultimately decides what is and isn't going to happen
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    You need to look up the word negotiation.

    The union can't just make the demands and have them met.
  5. My point is is that the union really only cares about themselves and getting paid they really don't care about us little people
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    Here's a breakdown of what happened with the contract. Maybe 5k employees turned in surveys about what they wanted to see changed in the new contract. The national negotiating committee claimed they were bound by duty to get the members what they wanted. 50k members voted against the contract, the negotiating committee claimed they were bound by duty to ignore what the members wanted.

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    I'm not sure if this is just projection or some obscene generalization but I've got a BA. I can't speak for others but I'd like to think they at least attempted community college.

    Considering there are better options outside the Union, their reputation among newer members is in the :censored2:ter, and there are currently 27 Right to Work States, most likely it's UPS Corporate. Also, thanks for bringing up the point of how the Union is taking monthly dues while screwing people like me over, as my state is not a Right to Work State. This experience might be what I need to give Right to Work a chance here.

    That's what the draft contract and the conference call seemed to indicate but I thought maybe I'd gotten it wrong because of my inexperience in how the contracts are implemented, coupled with people assuring me what I thought was going to happen wasn't going to happen. And despite my current situation it might still change, I'll have to see in the coming weeks. One of the many things I think the Union can improve on is better communication, but maybe the obfuscation is on purpose.
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    He forgot the part about slinging weed on the corner
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    You’re nothing more than this
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    Well here in Local 533 (Reno), most of preload got raise to $16/hr on 11/1/18 and it was called a competitive wage raise. Well now that we are in the "Save Money" period and the contract is ratified, UPS is saying that they fronted us our raises. So in effect no raises until the 5th year of the contract and no back pay! Supposedly, in our amazing contract there is a loophole allowing this.
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    Mine was a member of a well known 1% motorcycle gang

    Doubt he spent much time at community college
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    The 20 people that post on BC all voted no. Think y’all need to get the word out to the rest of the membership!
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    3 times in one thread.

    Now that I have seen it.... what's next ?

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    Then you have absolutely no right, to voice a concern about Union business.
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    They get more than the contract says. That’s justified. They must have also gotten more between 8/1 and 11/1.
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    It's funny;

    People still lament about Hoffa Sr. and how badass the Teamsters "used to be".

    But, don't want to remember all the mafia influence that went with it....
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    It ran deep 4 sure back then
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    I don't see any current TDU loudmouths.... willing to bust some kneecaps.

    Or, UPS people in general.

    They always sat on the sidelines, expecting someone to do it for them.

    And still do....

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    Isn't that why we pay dues? I guess everyone else's level of involvement will never be enough to satisfy your sense of haughty self-righteousness.