I think I hate the Teamsters

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by smapple, May 9, 2019.

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    Well I suspect you will run down dues paying members at some point. Possibly talk about how great Hoffa is. Something like that.
  3. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Uh oh- I hope you realize you are tangling with someone who pretends to be a big time "elected official". I wonder how many "elected officials" found a Mother's Day buffet today. Lol.
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    Our local complains about “lack of involvement”. Then when we rally the troops and get everybody involved they turn their nose up and come up with some other excuse. So :censored2: em.
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    I think he has me on ignore. I'm almost certain he is a UPS labor manager. It explains both how he seems to know so much about panel and arbitration decisions, yet is so disdainful of union members.
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    He can be anyone that he wants to be on the internet. Lol.
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    Never too late to join.

    Go :censored2: yourself
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    If you're not in the union then you do not have a right to complain about anything.
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    Really ?

    Let's see how you do.... without me.
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    It will be a chore but I think that I'll....manage.
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    We went from 11.35(skilled) to $13.50 from roughly 5/15/18 to 11/1/18. Explanation COLA.

    $13.50 TO $16 11/1/18 to present. Explanation Competitive Wage Adjustment

    No Raises until 2022
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    I had a guy in my building with the same issue.he was making $13.50 now $13.70.that cant be correct,the gwi was .70 cents so both of u should be at $14.20.even if u subtract the dollar skilled pay the math doesn't ad up,maybe since the raise actually was a week early it will get corrected.
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    I wouldn’t mind getting 4 years of raises in 6 months.
  14. BigUnionGuy

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    I'm just ignoring your post.

    Do you really think.... I would respond to your "observations" ??
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    So I'm guessing you got your last progression raise on Aug. 1, 2018? that took you to $13.50? The 20 cent is the makeup from then. The good news is you get the contractual raise on Aug. 1, 2019. The people still in progression only get 50 cents.
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    What do you mean by still in progression?

    If you didn't make seniority by Aug 1st 2018 you're making $13 a hour. This August they would be making $14. So it's a $1 raise correct?
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    I'll wait while you realize the irony of your post.
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    I'll wait....

    While you realize the futility of your post.
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    I was told 13.50 to 13.70 is correct.
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    I know I won't get through to you, but that's never been my objective. You'd probably be better off if you went back "not responding" to my "'observations'". You somehow keep finding ways to dig yourself deeper.

    Law of holes - Wikipedia