I thought this would be the one...

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by bowhnterdon, Jul 11, 2018.

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    I really was hoping this would be the contract that would address the disparity in all the different Health/Pension plans. Not to be. A difference of only a few miles means the difference between a struggling plan and one that is great and increasing benefits. Retirees paying $600 a month for Health coverage, 1 State away and you pay $200 for a much better plan. For the life of me,I just don’t get it..”Brotherhood”...
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    As soon as I heard that POS hoffa removed Sean O from the negotiating committee, and if I remember correctly he was the head negotiator, I knew the fix was in. When our union president says that Sean would be "too tough on Ups", then you know that old crooked dickless :censored2: was in the companies pocket.
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    Maybe ups killed his dad and he's scared? Probably not
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    Well Canadian votes re-elected him

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    I feel your pain, with all the corporate tax breaks and the growing profit margins I was seriously hoping that this was going to be the contract to end the discriminatory practices with our Pension and Health and Welfare benefits. As it stands now we are still going to have members collecting half the benefits with the same years in just because they are in another region or classification, it is pathetic. If you are a minority grouping expect to be left behind for the Union's better good, the haves and the have nots. Why is this acceptable from our leadership who was given the authority to call a strike to correct these injustices. Fact is they do not give a damn except to protect the continuing assets that United Parcel Service provides them.

    I have said this before but this contract just reenforces my opinion they are scared of getting the Rod Carey treatment if they use the strike option. This contract reeks of utter contempt for the part time membership..The part time workforce in this contract got nothing and lost ground. How could they not negotiate better Pension benefits in the same manner at the full timers instead of claiming that they raised it a whole 5 dollars and not even getting the formula right in the language.

    There was a term called "dictating a contract", we can all say who has been winning since the "97" strike.
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    Well that explains everything