I work part time and pay sucks

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    I just started working for UPS as a preloader part-time and man does the pay really suck. It takes me only 10 minutes to get to work but I have to cross the bridge and just the toll charge is $5.00. and I am only getting $9.50/hr. This is so sad. more than half amn hour goes to crossing the bridge. It seems like UPS starts out people part time because the Local Teamster Union does not care much for them. What I really ask for in their new contract is pay their part timers way more or lessen the work load. I have to load 3 trucks and it is only my second week. It really seems like I am not being fairly compensated for what I do. I read in 1997 they ware getting $8.50 an hour when gas was way underr $2.00/gallon and now 15 years later it is only $1 more and gas is more than $4/gallon. we need to do the math and see what is wrong here.
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    You should just get another job.
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    It does @ the start I started bringing home $90.00 a week 14 years ago fast forward 14 years and I still bring home $90.00 but I put away $250.00 per week between 401K and stock plus no co-pay benefits for the family. You have to do the time and pay your dues. Please remembers it is a part time job.
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    FYI , it's the vote of the part timers that ratify contracts. So be mad at yourself ! Oh yeah and get another job.
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    Where else will you work part time and get unbelievable benefits? Part timets don't work at ups for a paycheck. Stop complaining.
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    Man it sucks how they built a 5.00 toll bridge, gas went up to 4 dollars, and the pay/work load all changed right before you were hired two weeks ago. Yes, I agree that they should increase pay and decrease workload in their contract. I'm going to work on this math thing tonight so something can be done about these injustices that you have been a victim of.
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    you say somethings in there that our true. But how much would you get with out the union? would you get bennifits? you should leave and get a job on the other side of the bridge theres a bunch of people who would love to say there a teamster and say they work for ups. its a nutty place but it works, The way your post is to me you seem like a manager just trying to stir things up .
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    you should put in your letter, you got the lines down perfect
  9. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    Perhaps someone is reeling you folks in...
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    You guy are idiots also

    I am very thankful for a job just look at the progression UPS has made 15 years later pay is about the same and look at inflation for one of the biggest companies. I worked for Office Depot in the warehouse making 18 with a less workload. Benefits are great but they won't buy you a house or pay rent
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    It was $8 in 1986 when I started. Let's see..........carry the 1.........that's $8.
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    Re: You guy are idiots also

    You have only been here 2 weeks and you knew how much you were going to get paid. I don't see how/why you are complaining when you signed up for this. You left a job making more money with less workload and expect UPS to change because you've discovered, in your lengthy tenure, that PT workers are underpaid. I'd be intrested how you lost your office depot job.
  13. PiedmontSteward

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    He has a legitimate gripe. Part time starting wage should be in the $11-12 range and he doesn't get his benefits for a full year (a decade ago it was 30 days, for me it was 3 months.. now it's a year? And a year and a half if he has dependents.. Also, he probably won't have a chance to go full-time for at least the next 14 or 15 years, given the rate that the company bids out package car and 22.3 jobs. All that being said.. he knew what the pay was when he signed on. But he sure as hell didn't know what he was getting into. No one does.
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    I'll play, he's posting in the union subforums also.
  15. Brownslave688

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    The one thing I remember thru the interview process was it was as if they were talking me out of a job. All I heard was how hard the work was and that I wouldn't make very much at all.
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    It dose suck I'll give you that but we have all been there......... suck it up or get out. You have to crawl before you can walk.
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    I don't see any problem with making them wait a year for benefits, back when it was 90 days for benefits most would still quit within a year so what does it really matter?
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    I'm a driver and I agree the PTers should make more. Loading, unloading, sorting etc , tough labor jobs. No doubt it's hard work. My opinion is not because of a two week frustrated employee's rant.
  19. Scottyhawk

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    You mean where else after a year of working part time. Before a year it is a job that is tough on the body for no money or benefits and if you have a bad supervisor add hell to the statement.
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    Yes, the pay sucks. As far as the work load, you just have to keep a positive attitude. I actually have a good time at UPS, I am a night sorter and work with some of the most hilarious, awesome people I have ever met. The first few weeks are really rough when you are paying more in union dues than you pay for gas. I don't know anything about pre-load, but is there something you can do after your trucks are loaded? Usually when I want a few extra bucks on my next check I volunteer to go help the loaders pull in irregs or push carts of mis-sorts to the proper place. Anything over 5 hours I get paid overtime. And overtime after 5 hours is a beautiful thing.