If you have teenagers, you might want to...


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I took my 14 year old granddaughtet to see Juno which was about a 16 year old girl who got pregnant. Good movie from a family perspective.

As we were walking to the car, my granddaughter told me she learned something. I asked what and she said, not to have sex until she's married and to make sure she marries the right person.

Usually our conversation is, what part of the movie did you like best.

I know there are a lot of sexually active kids out there, but this movie might make some kids think differently in the future.


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Unfortunately there are a LOT of parents that would rather stick their heads in the sand and deny that THEIR kids would ever "experiment" with sex. The lecture about "just don't do it" just don't cut it. Kids need ALL the information they can get, preferably by the parents, but if not the schools need to educate them.