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  1. dilligaf

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    :cursing:I have a commercial customer that gets pkg nearly every day. This is a back door del. only. The problem is that when I get to the back door no one is ever there. They have a bell which apperently they cant here. I have had to sit and wait at this stop sometimes as much as 10 or 15 minutes. The other problem is that my management team will not support me on this. I have ods'd in for a call to customer, half the time the office is unmanned or the computer is being ignored. I have tagged the back door and been forced to return later and re-attempt. I am on on rural route and after I have left the area it is a minimum of a 20 min round trip (that's only if I'm close:crying:). Yesterday I sat for 15 before I finally gave up. At this time of day I still, usually, have nxda to worry about. The store manager is a jerk, and talking to him is useless. ANYBODY HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS
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    sit and wait. Take a breather. $42+ an hour overtime. Hit your center in the pocket long enough and they will do something!
  3. dilligaf

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    and have late nxda thatll get there attention and me a warning letter
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    You're req to make one att a day, wait one minute then tag the door, when your ctr ask you to reatt u tell them NO, i've alrdy made one att today. After three days of tagging the door and a postcard from the ctr clerk, the cust-if they rlly need those pkgs-should figure it out.

    Or after ringing bell and waiting one min, u just walk in the front shout ups and get the 1st person u see to sign. U gotta ask yourself, whose world is it? On my rte its my world and my cust figure that out fairly quick.

    Finally if the cntr gives some sort of "work as directed" crap. No worries, its $42/hr OT and on a rural rte it will add up quik. good luck.
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    :confused:1 First off, I would never wait that long at any stop, knock/ring bell wait 1 minute tops, tag door see ya tomorrow. If your management team trys to mess with you ask them what the time allowance is for that stop. I would also tell the store manager this is how it is either get the bell fixed or you can pick up your **** at the bldg, or get off your lazy ass and open the door.

    You are not required to wait there while this numbnuts jerks your chain. Whats even sadder is your management team if they don't back you up. Does this stop get NDA, if not its within your right to bypass this stop and get your air off first, then right before closing time come back and deliver his stuff then. I know you have a rural rte and maybe you can't do this, bottom line is make the attempt and don't go back until the next day or just deliver his stuff at closing.
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    I had the same problem with a large retail office supply company (begins with an s). All deliveries were to be made to the dock even if it was the weekly NDA with the store's payroll. I'd ring the bell, scan all the pkgs, service cross all the pkgs including the payroll. I'd stick the notice on the pedestrian door and leave. The next day I would get the manager asking me where was I the previous day and I'd show him the delivery notice still stuck on the door:cool:
  7. JustTired

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    If they have a door buzzer, hold it on constantly. It's hard on the finger but really ticks them off. If it's loud enough, they'll come running after a few times. Usually works for me.
  8. tfinnegan

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    Walk in the front door..explain because you don't answer back door all your deliveries will be thru front until rear door bell is fixed......Any complaints give them ctr mgr number.......
  9. satellitedriver

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    Sounds like WalMart.
  10. Griff

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    CL1. Tag the door. See you tomorrow.
  11. toonertoo

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    Sounds like Walgreens.
    After a few days of tagging the door, especially with NDA they get it. When I got questioned I said, tell me how long you want me to wait. At this or any other stop.
    And God forbid you should walk in the front door with nasty ole packages, you servant person. How does anyone think like that, how the heck do they think they got all those shelves full of stuff? Yup on a truck.
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    I have one of those myself. After I ring the buzzer I wait to hear "Code 5" over the indoor PA. I'll wait 2 minutes from the PA announcement. After 2 minutes they get a note and I'm gone.

    One of the store managers gave me a hard time over my "2 minute" rule. I told him to stare at his watch for 2 minutes and let me know how long it felt like. I also asked him how he reacted to one of his folks taking an hour to do a 15 minute job. Told him my boss feels the same way.
  13. toonertoo

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    Great answer, although most people dont have the sense of urgency we do, It is the business world, and it is part of their job to get deliveries. And they do not look nearly as busy as we do......
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    I had this happen at Staples before and I fixed it two ways and both werre already mentioned. first when they didn't answer I drove aroudn the front and put all their stuff on my handtruck and wheeled them through the store. the manager went off on me. I told him that no one answered the door so he would get his deliveries around front unless he fixed the problem of no-one answering the door. After a week he said it was fixed and that someone would be there. FF to next week. I go to back door and give three quck rings of the uber-loud buzzer and no answer. So after waiting a minute I laid on teh buzzer until someone came to the door. It's kind of humorous hearing a set of keys running at you thru the steel door. Then the person opening the door has a fit because you were laying on the buzzer. sorry but I have a job to do. From the next day forward I started to be a priority.

    One time later tehy didn't answer the door so I went back around front with my handcart again, but this time I was an ass about it. I went down a narrow isle and when making turns I would try and knock stuff down with the end of the handcart. THAT got their attention REAL quick. Never had a problem after that day.
  15. DS

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    That is ridiculous that they wont accomodate you.I find new customers often pull this/ I`m better than you crap and in time I always win them over.if they continue to be uncooperative, If it was me,if nobody came after 2 minutes,I`d go right in the front door and drop it by the bosses door and tell him that from now I will no longer even attempt a back door delivery because nobody ever answers it.If you want your deliveries thats the way its gonna be from now on.If he gives you the customer is always right line tell him fine and the next day ring the bell,wait 2 min and swing around the front and slap an info notice on the front door and in remarks,write,rang back door bell/no response/be back tomorrow/have a nice day.If he calls in for a 2nd attempt,tell them no problem but you cant get there till 7:00 PM. Let the creep call in a complaint.
  16. 1989

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    Try driving around front first honk your horn letting them you are going around back. When you get in back lay on the horn for a few seconds. Then ring the bell.
  17. brown67

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    Go to front door until they answer the back door like said before. If they tell you to go back to the rear door say "no", and if they won't sign for it tell them that means delivery will be refused and it will be sent back. Then walk out to the truck and drive away. Send the stuff back. Part of being a driver is training your customers.
  18. 1989

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    Don't send them back. I would sheet as not ready 1 and tell them you will try again tomorrow.
  19. Dump and Run

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    You all are cracking me up. It is nice to see that I'm not the only one who doesn't put up with the BS. I would never wait more than two minutes. A long obnoxious ring of the bell and a "Damn I thought you were the police" knock on the door. Tag it and bolt. If I feeling froggy the next day I'd go in the front and set the pkgs. right in the door and get the first lazy SOB to sign. If they refuse grab the cart and RTS them. :biggrin:
  20. beentheredonethat

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    No offense, but are you guys nuts?? Staples is our largest ground shipper in all the US. They pay us over 100 million a year. Yet you admit to doing things to intentionally piss them off, how many complaints will the corporate Staples office take from their stores before they think about giving all the business to FDX? How much of that 100 million goes to the Teamsters in pay and benefits? How many people would lose jobs if we didn't process their pkgs? Before you put words in my mouth...... My point is don't do things to piss customer off, espescially a customer the size of Staples. Another poster said, I knew I had their payroll checks but put a notice on back door and left it and came the next day with notice still on door. I understand you rang bell and waited and you have other things to do and more stops to get off. Did you see the volume numbers FDX projected that they will delivery 11 million this peak. There's many reasons FDX has this volume, but don't you think a portion of the reason is that people get a bad taste of UPS by not getting their pay checks etc and they switch? It may not feel like it's affecting you, but how many additional jobs would we have with those 11 million extra pkgs? This is one of those times we think we are doing the right thing for the right reason, but how will we feel when we lose that volume for the "right reason"..
    I'm not saying to wait their forever for Staples to come to back door, or to never broach the front door. If necessary go to front and get them to open back door and explain sense of urgency, then escalate issue with on road, ctr mgr and also get with the BD dept. BD will work on issue with Staples if you inform them. (At least most of them will).