Is It Time To Disrupt Operations?

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Aug 24, 2008.

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    Thanks to compliant politicians FedEx is still classified as an RLA "airline" under the latest FAA Bill. Thanks a lot Congress! Fred's money is still clearly good with most of you. Having a Democratic majority has really "helped" labor hasn't it?

    Given the fact that the Teamsters aren't going to do anything, perhaps the time has come for us to start screwing-up the operation in order to get some degree of respect. It's unfortunate that it's come to this, but there aren't many alternatives left. Do any of you think that upper management is actually concerned with lowly hourlies like us? If you do, you're delusional.

    I suggest a general work slowdown beginning with an increase in Code 01's. Going EXACTLY by the book would be another good step. Full pre-trips, full breaks with no falsification and no working off the clock. How about taking your 28/29 during the AM Sort? Or perhaps at 0945, just in time to have a boatload of late P1. There could be an outbreak of "Purple Flu", or maybe even a sitdown during the sort or re-load where everyone just stops for a few moments. I guarantee that your manager(s) would sheet a brick, and that the threats would start immediately. But what can they do if the majority of us agree on taking action? After all, someone has to do the work.

    Bringing a few RTD's on-board would be excellent because of the volume of freight they directly control. They're not happy either, and some "traffic" or circuitous routing could really impact the numbers. Just think what would happen if 4 or 5 of your P1 cans were progressively "later" each day?

    Sorry that it's come to this, but we need to consider our futures. The Teamsters are an empty threat, and management thinks we're completely under control.

    Are we?
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    Here's a new idea, go get a NEW job.
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    Here's a new idea for you*******. If you actually work for FedEx, perhaps you should start standing-up for yourself instead of taking a beating on a continual basis. Yes, I'm already headed for a new career, but I still care about the people who will be staying and can't get out as easily as I can. How do they expect to retire someday?

    If you DO actually work for FedEx, keep right on being brain-dead and defending the way they treat their "valued" employees. Fred loves compliant and unthinking drones who will work for peanuts.
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    By the way, there still IS some hope that FedEx will be re-classified under the NLRA. I recently read a headline that the FAA Bill had "passed", and was unaware that it was only an extension of funding and not the Bill itself. Let's hope that all of that UPS lobbying pays-off and that Smith has wasted his money this time.
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    here's another idea. get some brains.this guy speaks the truth and you don't see it. no wonder fred is still winning
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    with the new president look for the--- employee free choice act --- to take effect.

    it will allow people at fed ex to simply sign cards for union representation without the knowledge of fred knowing who signed and eliminate management intimidation. this is the best way to unionize fed ex without the retaliation of losing your job.

    how do i know this? i am a teamster union member. ask any teamster union in your area.
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    p.s.p P-rofit in S-mith's P-ocket

  9. Here's another idea to add: keep giving your money to your union and mind your own business. As far as MrFedEx all he does is complain, what a waste. All he knows is how to destroy things and not make them better!!!
  10. I absolutely agree with "New Englander" - why are you still with FEDEX - get out, get lost, get a new job!!!
  11. Way to go New Englander - you said it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Stay out of it! Mind your own business!!!!!!!!
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    Perhaps you two should get together and form a cheerleading squad. By the way, NewEnglander doesn't even work for FedEx (he works for UPS). I doubt you do either, based on your complete lack of FedEx knowledge. Once again, I challenge you to say something other than what you've been saying...over and over. Also, please tell me how you afford that prestigious school for your kids on the pittance FedEx pays you. Do you deal drugs or rob banks on the side? And how about our great pension plan that will allow you to retire in style...oh yeah, we don't have a pension anymore, do we? I hope those well-educated kids of yours get good jobs so they can support their ********* father in his old age.

    A union is the only answer. ************************see the truth.
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    Ding dong, I spent almost as much time at FedEx as I have currently at UPS. I was at FedEx during UPS's strike, the creation of express saver. The change from "LEAP" to "Aspire". Received a few Bravo Zulo's as well.

    Try again.
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    So you are Moses? Your just a sad disgruntled little man who can't move on.

    FedEx and UPS both have their ups and downs.
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    I'm a UPS driver and all I have ever heard is UPS management whine about how Fed-Ex is classified as an airline and UPS is lobbying to have the government re-classify them and "level the playing field". I'm lost! Does this really screw Fed-Ex around some how? I have also talked to several Fed-Ex ground drivers. The guys are screwed by Fed-Ex. I remember when RPS started this service and it was lousy for the employees then. When Fed-Ex bought it I thought this would get better for these drivers but apparently it hasen't. I help em' whenever I can.
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    You've missed the point.

    They are free to choose another job if they desire. I have MANY days at UPS that make me long for my days at FedEx. Yet there were days at FedEx that made me jump to UPS!

    See my point.
  18. Thanks New Englander: Received a few (Bravo Zulo's) myself. As far as MrFedEx - he seems to have the answers to everything! For the longest time now he's been saying that he's leaving, yet he's still around. He's got nothing better to do in life - and has gotten to the point of attacking my children. As I previously stated to MrFedEx my children are attending a prestigous private school, because I have devoted myself to give them the best education out there. MrFedEx, if your going to continue to attack my children lets talk about yours - your working very hard to have them in the public school system where there is no funding and teachers being layed off. Having 40 kids in a classroom - great education system isn't it. I thought you would agree being that they go there - so, please layoff my children!
    Let's all take his advice and disrupt operations and see where it gets us! What an educated move that would be. Come on, MrFedEx - is there anything good about the company you work for? Going through all your previous posts it seems that all you want is to stay home and have your paycheck mailed to you. So your a little intimidated by your managers and/or co-workers, so what, we all are. Can't you be a better man and knock it off your shoulders? Guess not, let's disrupt operations, so that FedEx can start canning us all.
    As far as becoming a cheerleader - I will cheer when your gone to a much better job as you seem to think you can get in these economic times.
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    Dear NewEnglander,

    I don't know how long it's been since your FedEx days, but look-up some of your friends who you used to work with and ask them if I'm that far off-base. It's totally changed during the last 10 years and gone from a pretty good place to work to a hellhole. I'm on my way out to another career, so I am walking my talk as far as getting out. My point is that those who DON'T have alternatives (especially in a lousy economy) are at the mercy of a predatory upper management team at FedEx. I used to love my job, as did many others at FedEx, but those days are long gone.

    Like I said, check with people who actually still work there and ask them what management has taken away in recent years. It might open your eyes. Be glad you went Brown.
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    I see most daily as I still deliver the same area's. Other then losing the Express saver volume to ground and some of them occasionally having to work a split shift (extended lunch) due to volume. It's still pretty much the same as it was 8 years ago when I left.