Is My Job Safe?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by herbigharo32, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Hello All,

    I'm rather new at UPS with a hire date of Sept 25th, 2008. I am part time permanent. I barely made senority and have about 90 days with the company. In the news, the DFW Sort Facility will be closing night sort thus eliminating 76 positions. The question I want to put out is, what are the chances that I may be fired due to reduction in force? I know for sure that none of the temps will be kept on the payroll.
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    "Laid off" is different than "fired". UPS has massive part time turnover, and since you've made seniority they have to call you back before hiring anyone new. Even if they're downsizing it may not take that long. Make sure that you've nailed down the callback procedure, however. They can terminate you pretty quickly if you don't report when called -- find exactly what your contracts say!
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    With temps being let go, there will be more positions available for displaced employees. Will there be enough to accomodate you with your seniority date, that will be determined once the temp positions are reassigned.

    In today's economic environment, unfortunately, no jobs are safe at most companies, if you read of all the massive layoffs. And for the first time I can recall UPS has announced layoffs will occur in 2009.

    Good Luck

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    I'm hearing any part-timer with 3 years or less could be let go in January temporarily/long term. So I wouldn't count on working for UPS for a while guy. Hopefully things get better rather than later so you can get back, but I'm just saying, if you can get some work elsewhere for a while....don't pass it up.
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    I am in the same position at DFW airport hub. Wondering where will all the part timers go. I just wish they would tell us, but I guess they want to keep the moral up during peak. We have a little over six weeks till our shift is closed.
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    Hmmmm.......If they did that here there wouldn't be a single part timer left.
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    It is to my understanding that we will be absorbing volume from twilight along with DHL. Even on a slow day, we will be short staffed on small sorts. The real wild card is how many full timers are on twilight. Also, I am guessing that there is a good chance that I just might get moved down to the truck docks. One thing I noticed is many folks are quite unreliable, ie calling in often, especially Saturdays. I have a perfect track record with no call outs and on time to handle mail volume. Just not sure how well thus factors will score in my favor. The time is now 2:38 AM. Cya at 3:15 fellow UPSer's !!
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    You're in small sort? Being laid off is a more difficult job than that.

    P.S. your attendance has nada to do with anything. Unless you are BBAG and buy lots of coffee and donuts.
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    Man I hate small sort...I was up there tonight helping, Doubt I'll ever go back...The people up there are always freakin weird, And some of that crap with the bagging gets on my nerves
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    Do you work at the DFW Hub? Yah, I must say we have some unique characters in that department. I'll skip the details of course! Today, I got loaded with 42 bags of letters.......... Yes, small sort is pretty easy and straight foward. Just toss the stuff into the slides, sort letters, drag bags onto conveyor, and load empty bags onto the racks. At end of shift, walk the belt. That's it!!

    FAVREFAN Member

    I understand what you are saying with turnover. But where I work, that would mean hundreds of layoffs with as many staying. Who knows. Lots of speculation right now. Take care.
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    I dont think the turnover will be as high in 2009.
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    I'm gonna jump on this one before anyone else catches it.........2009 won't be as bad because Obama will SAVE US!!!!! :D

    I like the O by the way, I'm just havin fun. These threads always turn into some political dispute
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    You have to be specific when talking about "O" because the "O" stood for Oprah long before Obama came along. That's why here on the Browncafe, we like to refer to Obama as B.O. Then for sure we will know who you are talking about. :happy-very:
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    Bro its impossible to answer a question that wasnt completely asked.It depends on where you work.So yes theres a 100% chance your being laid off,yet theres a very good chance you wont be laid off.hows that for an answer to a incomplete question? Depends on where you work
  17. herbigharo32

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    Did I say I worked in the DFW hub, Sunrise shift?
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    well its a chance, just like everyone elses i dont see UPS closing building and centers as a whole because thats part of our strength and versatility could cutbacks happen? Of course they can and being right before seasonal hires your head could be on the chopping block but theyll call you back when things pickup.....After peak things always drop off its like a rubber band it expands during peak and it rebounds and shrinks after, some places wont see it, someplaces back to normal in feb some places may not get back to normal till april its all dependent how the economy locally and globally does
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    LOL buffalo hasnt been back to normal since b4 peak 06 :D
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    That would only leave 9 people on my shift. Of the 121 people who worked this past Friday, only 9 people have enough seniority to even qualify for vacation. I have never seen such a turnover rate.