Is there a set max a part-timer can work?

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    I am a part time Air driver in the evenings. I get a guaranteed 3 hrs from that. Before I leave to shuttle I work cust. counter for and hour and a half and then unload trucks for an hour and a half. In total it's a 6 hr day which was very good for me, until yesterday. I was told no part timer could work over 5 hrs anymore (i had done this for about two years) and now am being made to train a replacement for cust. counter. My new hrs are 6-7:30 (belt) then 7:30-10:30 (shuttle) cutting me out an hour and a half a day. Is this a new rule UPS is putting in or what? I would occasionally get overtime on my check, but it was on my driving and never over like an hour or two. I'm pretty confused as to why this is happening all of a sudden. Anyone else seeing anything similar to this?
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    They are doing this at my center too. Eliminating double shifting for part timers. Make sure that management is not doing any union work. Often times here preload will need help, but nobody will do it because they are telling us we are only allowed to work one shift. They are sliding a little bit on this new rule because last week they were short 4 people so they have no choice to let people double shift. Hope this helps.
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    There is no maximum number of hours an inside part-timer can work. (Though check your regional Supplement, just in case.)

    However, since you are an Air Driver you are subject to the same DOT limitation on hours that a package car or feeder driver is.

    You should not be training your replacement. Training is not part of your job, unless you have gone through the proceedures in Article 6, Section 5 and are certified and paid extra as an Hourly Trainer. Otherwise leave training to the Supervisors.

    Because UPS must pay time-and-one-half to certain part-timers who work beyond five hours, Management has eliminated overtime in many places. They still must obey the Contract however concerning seniority and supervisors working etc..
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    I've seen "part timers" get in 55 hours a week during peak :happy2:
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    They are saying no PTimers can work over 5 hr a day in your building becasue they don't want to pay any OT. It just another case of the numbers game.
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    No more than 168 hours per week.
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    Depends on if the question if philosophical or not. I would say 39.99 hours, any more than that and philosophically you really aren't a part timer anymore are you?
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    I talked to some other guys in my area (from 2 different centers) and it seems that I'm not the only one being cut on hours right now. Apparently they are enforcing this five hour rule on other PT air drivers that do belt work as well. As far as the training goes... HAH not a single supervisor in my building has any idea how to do the Customer Counter!! I'm the only one and had it not been the fact that I got to spend two rare evenings with my wife at home I would have filed a greivance. Because while I was training they had a replacement air driver run my shuttle for two nights (even though i was top seniority on it)...
    Lastly I want to thank you guys because this site is really great and I'm glad I came across it.
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    2008 peak season there were a few weeks where I had over 50 hours a week. Many days of working preload, doing driver helper, and then coming into the local sort. I miss the $600 week check :D
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    Is the customer counter job a bid job? If so you cannot be taken off and replaced on a whim, it is yours. If not and there is a jubior man taking hours from you, file a grievance for seniority (article 3). If your both on strait or both on overtime time and you have the seniority, it should not matter how many hours your working.

    However if your on overtime and the other is strait time you probably will not prevail. It never hurts to throw things at the wall and see what sticks though. Thats what the company does everyday!!
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    Hmmm... I'm wanting to say that it is a bid job, but I really can't remember. We are one of the centers where if you see a bid sheet most of our workers are like "Hey! Whats that?? Never seen one of those before.." Yeah, thats how often they put them up. Anyone out there remember if Customer Counter is a bid job?
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    it is in my neck off the woods