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    10 hr days are back . They said get ready . I say 9.5 grievance TIME !!! I do not want to work all night . I have a life outside UPS . Last year I filed over 9.5 grievance and my boss told me, YOU CAN NOT work over 9.5 ANYMORE ! I said ' I do NOT want to " The district manager even told me not to work over 9.5 . I had a 10 hr day on the computer , I said I WILL be over 9.5 today . My boss told dispatcher to take ALL my next day air off !!! That was a sweet day !! I had alot of good days for weeks . The guys and girls who did NOT file on 9.5 had horrible days , the people who filed on 9.5 had GREAT days !!!! SO if you want the over time , do NOT file , if you want a fair day and go home early, file on it !!!!!
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    I personally have told my center manager I won't be filing for the next two years(wife is back in school) but I don't complain about my long days. The guys that crack me up are the ones that whine and cry about the late nights but don't have the sack to file. Very simple solution people!!!
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    Gucci mayne!!!!
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    Who did they give the air to?
    This is not contracually viable and a poor business decision.
    Another example of circumventing hiring full time drivers.
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    good avatar
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    10 I worked 11 1/2 Tues night. We get a time bonus on the 10 hour so with all the OT I took the next day off.
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    They gave my air to other drivers NOT on the 9.5 list , they were :censored2: !! Also at night if a 9.5 driver on list needs help to make it in on time , they will force a driver not on the list to help them . Before I was on the 9.5 list , I had a 10 hr day , still had alot of work left at 7:00 and they made me stop my route and go help a 9.5 list guy . I told my boss , " That will never happen again , I'll fix this problem ". If you need the extra cash ( over time ) , thats cool with me , BUT at my hub many are afraid to file on 9.5 and they just complain all the time. If everyone would file on 9.5 UPS would HAVE to hire more drivers . Our boss said it is coming soon , ( you know trying to kill us ) . I had a 11hr day Mon , worked 11:01 , Called in Tuesday , but he had a 10.5 day he worked 11 hr . Wed and Thrus were ok ( less then 9hr ) Friday had a 10 hr day again . So its coming in my hub . Next week my goal is 3 days of over 9.5 in one week !!!!!! On a bad day I run off by 15-30 mins , most days I get in early ( beat time study ) so I am doing my job , not goofing off .
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    btw,the mc'rib is back too.
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    Walmart brought back layaway for Christmas.
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    I'm bringing sex back......yup.
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    I am hoping some of the clothes in the back of my closet come back in to style.
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    The 40's are never coming back (j/k) :happy2:
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    So, how many polyester leisure suits do you have ??
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    I dress like a wild and crazy guy.
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    Okay, Justin! ;)
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    Poodle skirts
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    10 hour days are bad? Anything less than 11 is a short day for me. :)
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    I'm on the 95 list, but I have never filed. I like the overtime and extra $$. I am still young, no kids and my fiance is a nurse and doesn't get home until 11PM, so I figure why the hell not...make the money now because when I eventually do have kids I would like to work less and spend more time with my family.