John Bolton, Why is he speaking? Here's a guy who needs to get punched out!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Jan 10, 2012.

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    John Bolton, the new FOXED SPEWS contributor on foriegn affairs said just this morning on FOXED SPEWS that "WE" need to attack IRAN and take out the nuclear sites even if it meant running up the price of OIL per barrel to $150.00!!

    When asked about the $150.00, BOLTON responded by saying it was a small price to pay for national security.


    While he was a part of the BUSH administration pushing and supporting two wars, OIL ran up to $150.00 a barrel and gas per gallon ran up to $5.00 and it KILLED THE ECONOMY!

    NOW he wants another war with a full admission that OIL will run up to $150.00 per barrel?

    What does he think that will do to the economy a second time?

    ARE the republicans this stupid?

    Im sure their are some that will say "YES".

    The bigger issue is, WHO is John Bolton? Where did he come from? How did he get into a position of power with the Bush Administration in the first place?

    Bolton served in many republican administrations over the years, and somehow, ended up in Florida as the election official who was disqualifying ballots in the GORE /BUSH contest that ended up in the Supreme court. It was BOLTON who threw out hundreds of ballots for GORE and tipped the election in BUSH's favor.

    Shortly thereafter, BUSH did a RECESS APPOINTMENT for BOLTON to the UN where he served for one year. He resigned at the end of the year when BOTH he and Bush knew he could not get confirmed by the senate.

    He is associated with the American Enterprise Institute - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and is a mouthpiece for ultra right wing think tanks.

    NOW he is talking war? This country doesnt need another talking head willing to sacrifice the national economy to satisfy the war machine of the US Military.

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    TOS, in a previous post / thread, an observation was noted about your habit of watching Fox News and I believe the poster was correct.

    If you don't like Fox News, why do you find the need to watch it and then attack it?

    Perhaps, during the spare time you would gain when you give up Fox News, you could enroll in an interpersonal relationship class, a spelling / grammer class (learn how to capitalize proper names) and a total attitude adjustment.

    Until you complete those self improvement items; perhaps find a different forum to spread your hate mongering, name calling and pointless rants.

    And as always, I will sit back and wait for you to attack me!!
    After all I just called you out for being a rude, disrespectful member of BC.

    And your avatar tells me that you must support the NRA.

    Go away from BC in PEACE.
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    Yeah.. If you don't like it why watch it..I don't like watching some of the liberal garbage channels.. Somebody needs to support them.. Go watch your homeboys...
  4. The Other Side

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    I take it you wont dispute what was written about John bolton.

  5. Baba gounj

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    Here's what I dispute.

    [h=2]"Here's a guy who needs to get punched out!"[/h]
    Why are you promoting violence ?
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    Did you ever see a blind-folded guy swatting a stick at a pinata?? That's Obama and his foreign policy. At least Bolton has a foreign policy. Even Newt said he would choose Bolton if he were pres.
  7. The Other Side

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    By that, I am assuming you AGREE with BOLTON that 150 dollar a barrel oil is ok? and you somehow forgot the impact on the economy when BUSH took it to $150 a barrel? It almost put us into a depression during the BUSH administration, and BOLTON saying oil going to $150 a barrel is something you would support?

  8. moreluck

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    I would gladly pay $5 a gal of gas for non- middle eastern product!!
  9. The Other Side

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    The american consumer at large disagree with you. American business disagrees with you. At $5 dollar a gallon, businesses LAYED OFF workers. When it hit $5 dollars a gallon, 3.78 million people lost their jobs under gw Bush.

    But you today, with limited driving say you are fine with it and somehow you believe that would be good for the country?

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    Estimates vary depending on what actual true costs you add in but the real total cost of a gallon of gas is anywhere from $6 to $15 dollars a gallon. Everything above the $3 plus price has been socialized on the backs of the public at large. When Maxine Waters made her infamous "We'll socialize oil" statement, the real laughter came from big oil and oil interests who already understood much of the real oil costs in the way of risks and cost burdens had already been socialized. I was impressed the oil barons were able to sit there with a straight face while Ms. Waters showed just how really clueless she really is to the nature of how the Matrix really operates!
  11. moreluck

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    American Pride will make up for a lot!!!!
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    I just really enjoy watching TOS try to climb out of the holes he digs. hahahaha

    A couple of weeks ago it was the housing bust that put us into recession, today it was oil prices, what will it be next week? Keep digging Tos.
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    TOS, one of my pet peeves is people who use both the $ and the word "dollars". Use of $, which means dollars, means you don't have to use the word "dollars". It's the same as saying 6 am in the morning. AM literally translated means "in the morning".
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    Good point.
  15. moreluck

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    Just like.....My sister, or the other.
  16. Baba gounj

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    today it will be different because of all the non-oil companies bhos has funded and all the electric cars that bhos had mandated be on the roads. life will go on quite smoothly.
  17. moreluck

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  18. ajblakejr

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    I like John Bolton.
    I listen to what he says with an open mind.
    In fact, I searched him out on the computer before I replied to your response.

    I do, with an open mind, disagree with what you wrote about John Bolton.

    And, I thank you for causing me to search out another view...

    Who are you to determine that the man needs to be punched out?
    What does that say about you and the one word you end all your posts with..?
  19. The Other Side

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    It does not surprise me that people on the right wing LIKE him. He's a war monger, or better yet, a mouthpiece for the war mongers who profit from war. John Bolton does not mind spending the blood of young american men and women on the battlefield to make a profit. He calls that patriotism.

    He does not mind running up the price of a barrel of oil to $150 a barrel or $5.00 a gallon to you and me. He calls that a "small price to pay".... well, it is small to a millionaire, but what about the other 99%?

    Do you think the 99% agree with him?

  20. ajblakejr

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    TOS, here you go again.

    I said thank you.
    Did you ever stop to read and acknowledge that not everyone thinks like you do?
    Yet, I said thank you for opening my mind.

    Chill out.