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    Wow folks, Im not sure on this, but I believe I know who this Jonfrum is. Hey, jon I would like to send you a private message, but cant. I would like to ask just a couple of questions. Jon your style of writing(grammar,spelling and the way you phrase sentences) and content leads me to believe, I know who you are. Well, I have to go to work, Ill get back with you . area43
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    Jonfrum could be any one of a number of people in the employ of the company.
    Despite what some people might think, we are not all dumb a$$es.
    I, too, enjoy his writings, thoughts and insight.
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    In one of my previous posts, I have written who I believe Jon really is. I might be wrong, but it appears that he has information that no one else has access to, or has it before it becomes public, such as the annual report from the pension or health and welfare fund. I called CS to obtain the annual reports from the pension, and the latest one published is from 2005 (they are not printed until September), but somehow, Jon has the numbers from 2006 and early 2007. I am inclined to believe from Jon's writing, that he is working for UPS upper management, and he is feeding us the information that the company wants us to know. He is posting pro and con arguments for both sides (Teamsters and APWA). I think that UPS wants to rid themselves of any union, so he writes against both sides,hoping to start a controversy against either union.
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    Yes, you did. In fact, I believe he told us his name in one of his own posts. I don't know how to find his post telling us who he is. -Rocky
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    I believe that Jonfrum is one of us grunts, not one of the evil geniuses on the corporate level. Afraid some of us are getting a little paranoid on this site. Besides if the company and union were so uptight about the informational postings they probadly would figure out who we are anyway. Seriously, just what percentage of the UPS workforce knows anything or even cares enough to post on this site. Guessing alot of people could figure out from the my previous postings and the information provided just who I am. :w00t:
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    Jon did post his name in a post. He also said he was a 25 year ptimer who is now a 22.3 combo fulltime employee for ups. Jons post have always been right to the point and informative, keep up the good work jon!
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    Anyone can say anything on this forum about who they really are, but who knows for sure if it is the truth or not. Jon seems to have information or access to information that no one else has. I am not denying the information that Jon has is informative, I am saying that he knows or has access to lawsuits, financial information, etc,... that no one else knows about.
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    Jonfrum is doing what is known as "being objective". Thats why he doesn't support your pointless banter and doesn't stick up for the teamsters either. He uses information and logic to come to his conclusions. Perhaps you should try it someday. :)
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    I usually call that being resourceful.
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    Agreed, I love reading his posts. They are very detailed and well informed. Now if only he would register so we can give him some well deserved reputation points! :thumbup1:
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    I'm Bill *******. I"m an Article 22.3 carwasher and yard shifter in Lynnfield, Mass. where I am in my 33rd Year of Toil for the Big Brown Empire.

    I delete Spam without opening it, so make your Subject Line refer to JonFrum/UPS/BrownCafe/Pensions or something that's clearly not Spam.

    You haven't been talking to Engineer79, have you?
    _ _ _ _ _

    You're right, I am "being objective."
    I follow the philosophy of novelist and philosopher AYN RAND, and the name of her philosophy is OBJECTIVISM!

    Her major novel is ATLAS SHRUGGED, but since that is a lot of work to read, try reading ANTHEM. It's a very short, easy to read story that is available online here . . .
    It's 109kb. Read it online or save a copy for later. It's free because the copyright has run out. The story is a distopia, like George Orwell's 1984, but written a few years earlier. It's fun. Really.
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    Why didn't/don't you register? Just curious. Agree or disagree, it seems to me you try to get the best info you can out there.
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  14. Ayn Rand is a Darwinist! Objectivism is a heartless philosophy! If you are an Ayn Rand follower, than you are definitely anti-union!
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    I post the numbers as they appear in the annual reports. There is no debating that, but you still have a problem with the numbers. As for Jon Frum, he only picks out certain aspects of the report that are attractive to him. These reports don't explain the missing millions of dollars in administration fees, and do exemplify how the fund is getting deeper and deeper into financial trouble as each year passes. People such as yourself are told by the Teamsters what to believe. You don't question anything they (Teamsters) tell you, but if someone deviates from the thought process of the Teamsters, you are brainwashed into denying the validity of facts.
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    Why don't you try reading "1984" by Orwell. I haven't been talking to "area43". What the matter? Did I hit a nerve when I called you out on who you really are?
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    All Registered Brown Cafers do you like movies, Well here we goooooooo!!!! Heres to you Jonny ol pal. ) :

    Classic Horror scene in some Horror movies.

    (girls in a play ground skipping rope and singing a fimilar rhyme), 1,2 Im coming for you, 3,4 you better lock your door, 5,6 dont hesitate, 7,8 you better stay up late...........Here jonnny, jonny(low voice). Here jonny, jonny(high voice). Here jonny, jonny...... Herrrreeeee's jonnny!!!(the shinning, excellent flick).

    (area43, as Clint Eastwood, the good,bad and ugly,plus that great whistling). Area 43 reloading his gun, cigar smoke in the air.

    Registered members of this site, dont you see what jonny really thinks of us all. Were idiots to him for registering. Why because he is smarted than us. Dont you know UPS runs this site' so they can fire us. jonny, if that is true, and the ship goes down, will you save us. Red, I believe jonny would say screw you, you stupid idiots. Register, how dumb are you people. I(jonny) had enough sense not tooooo. So go a head and drown, you Big Dummies!!!!!!!

    Red, jonny is a scab, think about it. He dosent want to abide by the Brown Cafe Contract, but yet he enjoys all the benefits. Red, all the members, Cheryl and I work very hard to keep this site running. jonny is a SCAB by not registering.

    My solution to him being a scab, is to go on strike against him. Ignore, all his post. To do this we need full cooperation by all the members. This would be done only against jonny, because he has been here the longest, sucking up all those fee bennys at our expense. jonny, nobody can help you now in your defense. jonny your a scab, and the moderators( stewarts) dont like, really dont like representing scabs. So jonny, do whats right and register. Thats all. ( ;

    My advice to you, jonny is dont live your life in fear. Have you heard we have a war on terrorism. Terrorism wins when you live your life in fear. Thats how I believe you live your life, jonny. Quit looking over your shoulder all the time, peeking around corners and hiding under the blankets. Dont let fear(terrorism) ruin your life, by taking your freedom away. Thats not what America is all about. So, what if UPS knows who I am. Go ahead and fire me. jonny if they want to put you in the cross hairs and fire you, they will find away. It dosent take the Brown Cafe.

    In closing, that email address(shaking my head), LOL The name **** ******* , why not Porky Pig or Elmer Fudd, at least then it could be a little more believable....................jonny, all this will go away, if you register, you seem to be well liked. To be honest, I havent read more than a paragraph of your stuff, but when you register, I will diffently be reading alot more of your stuff. bye
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    You don`t know what you've got till its gone. DS