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    if I were to go to work everyday in a dress and take the dress off 1min before my start time and have my drivers uniform on underneath, could this save me from being harassed and fired because they would feel to scared to fire the cross dressing tranny?? Maybe get my own personal bathroom because the men and women would feel uncomfortable having me use either bathroom.. maybe they ask me to resign and give me a huge severance package?? Need to know the best case scenarios and worse case scenarios??
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    jaker trolling

    Nobody cares what you wear to work as long as you are dressed at start time , now you fellow workers will be the ones who talk about you behind your back and management will to
  3. Oceanview

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    That is very tru about talking behind my back. Just looking for a good strategy to get a cool million from ups. Back to the drawing board.
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    Put down the bong and go to bed.
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    Ok Klinger. This isn't the Korean War.
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    I got a crazy idea, just go to work in uniform like everyone else. Smh
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  8. eats packages

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    You can wear whatever you want before start time and UPS uniforms are gender-neutral so there is literally no conflict.

    You will however need to be in uniform immediately at start time (IE get dressed off the clock/ on free time) Court case on that one, in addition to not getting paid to stand at the guard shack.

    Hell even using a random bathroom would not be out of the norm, we have 1 locker 2 bath all located on one side of the building for women and 3 locker 4 bath for men lol.
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  9. Oceanview

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    Pretty accurate
  10. walk the jewels

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    Work a decade or so.
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    If you are a dude pretending to be a ugly woman, nobody really cares. Good luck troll.
  14. The Driver

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    Kinda waiting for @Indecisi0n to chime in here...

  15. DumbTruckDriver

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    Or maybe just don’t do things that would cause you to be harassed and fired.
  16. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    stop it dave
  18. Indecisi0n

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    Doesn't work. All you get is like 3 guys numbers which I guess in the end could land you a "huge package".
  19. Wrong

    Wrong :))

    Start ordering off the women’s side on the uniform request sheet. See what they try and do.
  20. FrigidFTSup

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