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  1. tourists24

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    ive been having a problem with my keyless ignition and was just wondering if anyone else has the same problem.
    About 20 to 30 times a day I cant get my engine to start when I push the start button. The manual key wont work either. After several attempts the engine will finally kick over but not after several tries... sometimes taking a couple of minutes. I have written it up twice and the mechanics say they cant get it to not work (works right about 90 percent of the time). So they wont fix it. Ultimately not a major issue, just a pain in the rear. The keyless was supposed to make things easier and faster. Not
  2. chuchu

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    Enter each time as a "breakdown/on road" and you can be sure they'll get it figured out with more of a sense of urgency. Low battery in this cold weather (on a metro route) from too many close stops to charge the battery caused ALOT of failures for us.
  3. srvhero

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    I had the same problem....mechanics replaced starter and it works fine now...,,They said the starters on the new trucks are lightweight...
  4. hondo

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    Must be those 'permanent magnet' starters. They definitely are lighter than all those windings in the older ones. But don't use the 'percussion test' on them!
  5. ChadBrunn

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    Try starting it in neutral. That's what our mechanics told me to do when I had the same exact problem. Works for me every time now.
  6. Jack4343

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    I had a pain in the butt truck yesterday with keyless entry. The button worked for starting the car but didn't open the bulkhead or the rear door so each time I had to use the key attached to the keychain with the button. Arrgh! Each stop...hit switch, reach in pocket, get key, open door, put key in pocket, get package, close door, deliver package, reach back in pocket, press button, repeat. Drove me crazy all day! Had to put the keychain in my pocket each time or else I'd have the car started with the keychain in my hand while driving.
  7. TheKid

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    That happened to me about a week into it. They replaced the starter and it has been fine ever since.
  8. tourists24

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    Thx Chad... at first I thought you were kidding me but I tried it today and it worked.... it still takes too long to do this though.... the mechanics need to fix it but they wont. Guess I need to write it up every day
  9. chuchu

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    The management has to change the key lock box location in our district. For someone to place that box on the floor beside the clutch pedal area is crazy. The driver has to stand in the street with their back to oncoming traffic to TRY to see the black buttons by the black numbers on the black box to open the darn key "safe" when the fob doesn't work.

    Too many martinis @ corporate lunch made that decision possible.

    Maybe management can ask someone that drives the truck first (or the safety committee) next time.
  10. The Other Side

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    The problem is "signal" interference. Its a problem that is happening nationwide. The keyless system uses an "RFI" signal and that signal is "dirty" and subject to interference. UPS used RFI because they were sold on the idea that "RFI" was a safe signal to transmit.

    What has been happening, is that at "random" times, the "RFI" signal becomes corrupt and mixed and the keyless will not activate the start button. The only Solution that the company has provided, is to HOLD UP THE REMOTE closer to the bulkhead door nearest the Transponder that recieves the signal from the remote.

    Out here, its usually around 10 am to 1015am that the keyless fails center wide and we all come to a stand still for up to 5 minutes at a time. There are other times during the day, but most frequently in the am hours.

    We have demanded to know the lock box codes for our trucks to avoid being stuck during 1030am nda commits.

    Its a stupid system that wastes more time than it saves. Id like to kick in the nuts whoever was sold on this idea.

  11. soberups

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    Instead of locking the ignition key up in a lockbox, why not just keep it on the fob? I drive a P7 with swing-out doors, so the keyless entry only works on the BH door. I already have a door key on the fob anyway, so what is the purpose of securing the ignition key in a lockbox?
  12. rod

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    I was so much easier back when you left the keys in the ignition and the bulkhead and rear door were left unlocked. We actually spent our time delivering packages - not just fiddle f-ing around.
  13. JonFrum

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    So true. Holding the rubber cover out of the way just adds to the madness. I've even had lockboxes installed upside down so pressing the correct buttons in sequence is like a unexpected IQ test. Sometimes the lockbox is mounted vertically to the left of the driver's left toes, so if the lockbox isn't closed, or closed properly, it's even easier for the spare key/fob inside to bounce out and possibly fall out the driver's door without the driver knowing.

    My advice to all drivers is to get your lockbox code, memorize it, and practice opening your lockbox someplace safe, where there is plenty of light. Try to memorize the layout of the numbered buttons so you can enter the code like Stevie Wonder does when he looses his car keys. (Which he does a lot, I'm guessing.) I always do it by braile because the lighting is so poor inside the building, and worse outside.

    To re-lock the box you have to enter the code again. You can't just close it and expect it to lock. It takes several practice runs to get comfortable opening and re-locking it. Do it now, before you need to in a rush.

    I shift a lot of package cars so every night I need to get a spare key/fob out of a lockbox because the driver left with his fob dangling from his belt.
  14. tourists24

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    Interesting TOS.... I have noticed that it does start at a particular time of day and continues into the early evening. But why would putting it in neutral get it to start? It worked everytime I tried it yesterday
  15. brownmonster

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    I'm shocked that this system has problems. Shocked!
  16. Coldworld

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    So....speaking of nuts could there ever be a problem with health issues from hanging the remote so close to our balls....and im not talking about the remote swinging back and forth into them all day.
  17. JonFrum

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    Well, there have been reports of jealousy. Two's company, three's a crowd.
  18. Coldworld

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    So true..ha
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  20. tourists24

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    After 4 write ups in a row the mechanics finally are starting to try to fix it now. I talked to mine Friday again and he says he thinks its not a starter problem, but with the "shift inhibitor" or something since it starts in neutral only.