L.R.I trucking "ups temporary"? / Mail Innovations

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    While doing a pick up from a large UPS shipper their was another company picking up a huge shipment. The Company was L.R.I. http://logisresources.com . The odd thing was the driver had a I.D. badge around his neck. It said "temporary" with the UPS logo. It does not look like our regular ID but it certainly was a UPS logo on the ID badge. I asked if he was busy and he said "yes, infact the company was hiring." I asked if they were a union shop. He said "No, wish it was."

    Whats going on if anything?

    Also, From their website :
    Temporary/Casual Assignment:

    LRI can provide Class A and B CDL drivers on a short-term (daily or weekly) basis allowing your company to staff appropriately for peak periods or special assignments. Supplementing your core workforce can allow your company to take advantage of immediate opportunities while controlling labor costs.
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    re: L.R.I trucking "ups temporary"? / Mail Innovations

    One last thing. The Ryder truck had a magnetic sign on the door reading "Mail Innovations" which is a UPS company.....I think? So I guess UPS is using L.R.I. to drive some of their stuff?
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    re: L.R.I trucking "ups temporary"? / Mail Innovations

    Makes sense.
    Mail Innovations is a low-cost mass mailing provider.
    Meshes with Bulk-mail post office offerings.

    Good overview of service offerings:
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    Thanks for the info!