Laid off during 30 days!?

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    I completed 15 on road days as part of my 30 days qualification for full time and I was laid off. Two weeks went by and I was asked to drive on a Monday which guaranteed me driving for 5 consecutive days according to our union. Now I'm back on lay off. My questions are....can management do that? Take you off your 30 days and lay you off? and do those 5 extra days count towards my 30 days?
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    In my area it is 30 days in a certain time period so yes they can lay you off, you should be able to bump back pt while on days you are laid off though. But it might be different in your area check your contract and talk to your steward to be sure.
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    Areas will differ, talk to your Business Agent for your specific info. In the central to become full time you must drive 30 days in a 90 day period. If you do not make it the first days willbegin to drop off so it will take a while if you don't. They can lay you off depending on volume and drivers needed but you should be able to go back to a part time shift or possibly 2 part time shifts.

    When I was training and was told I was not needed I would show up anyway and start asking if people wanted days off to get it down to me being able to drive. Nowadays I don't know if they would allow that!! It was only 20 years ago!!
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    Yes they can lay you off at anytime during your employeement as long as it's in senority order. Your 30 days is suppose to be consecutive without any breaks. Not 20 here than a week off and than 5 and a week off. Everytime they lay your off or you call in your 30 days starts over.
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    That depends on your location, talk to your B/A