Layoffs & Reduction of staff ( Return Clerks ) At 43rd St Building NYC

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    They have started laying off clerks at 43rd st. These clerks are all full time 804 members and are being sent to the preload with only 4 1/2 Hrs work. no more 8 hrs !!! How can they just make a full timer part time ? These clerks have between 15 and 20 yrs seniorty:angry:
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    As per article 13 section 9 of our supplemental agreement it states that The employee may request a transfer to another center where the clerical employee in the same classification , with the least company seniority, in the unions jurisdiction, is working.

    The unions jurisdiction is 3 main hubs and a total of 13 buildings. The problem with the clerks is a lot of them would run their lunch, finish up 2 hours early and go home because they finished the work and there was nothing else for them to do. UPS sees you guys and gals going home 2 hours early and figures if they cut 1 job out of 6, the others will all have extra time to take up the slack of the worker who was reduced. A good business move on UPS`s part and you cant blame them for that. This was all brought up at the general membership meeting if you were there. Sometimes we are out own worst enemy.

    In my guess, your closest building to bump into in order is Manhattan South, Manhattan North, Brush Ave, Mount Vernon, Eastside, Island City, Foster Ave, Elmsford, Yorktown, Nassau, Melville then Suffolk.

    Good Luck
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    It was brought to my attention what game is being played hear and I am not too happy with it.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    You know this is all happening because local 804 is weak an pathetic... If you were in a stronger local, this would have never happened to you.
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    it is a shame to see what 804 was and is now.:happy2:
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    Sounds like management is eating you alive 804, a shame that can happen in NY and down here in Florida we are very strong! :surprised:
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    I will respond to the brighter of the two post,
    Yes, Tie we used to be a force and now we have a lot of work to do.

    Raw, Its just typical UPS management tactics. As far as eating us alive, I dont think so. There is a lot going on here and we just have to follow the correct procedures. Did you ever hear the expression do as instructed, then grieve it? Same rules apply.
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    typical ups management tactics to control costs. shocking!
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    thats cause you guys work out so much:happy2:

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    Kind of like a child getting beat up at school... Just keep taking your beatings, don't forget to tell the teacher after every one, and eventually it will stop. In the mean time I've been eating lunch with your lunch money.

    804 = WEAK
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    this thread may reflect the great southern migration. people , packages and jobs moving south to florida.
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    I think it has little to do with cost control salesguy. Not too long ago, a lot of this work was being done by UPS pt management clerks. Local 804 won a case that made it the largest pay out in UPS-804 history. When I get some more details, I will post.
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    804 caused these job losses?
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    804 created these jobs and huge back pay to all grievants when they won the arbitration a few years ago. I remember seeing the article and tried to find it for you. When the old board lost the election, they removed everything from the website that they have posted.
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    This one wasn't so funny in light of that 15 yr old who killed herself to stop the bullying she was getting at school.
  16. Blizzard

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    I'm sorry I thought someone said 804 was losing these jobs?
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    With the pilot layoffs it wont be long till it trickles down to missed flights. UPS can expect the IPA to make sure they pay for the bad call. Cant wait to see what happens/
  18. tieguy

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    I hear the world will also end soon.
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    I heard in manhattan south they have non union car wash and non union porters all over the building and full timers are laid off? And as for the suits that are saying how weak 804 is ,, worry about your back first walking alot of suits out of there lately , heard about Howie K , he was a division mang with 34 years just went back and cried for his job , heard hes going to be a sup at melville ,, upper brass knew they were going to can him but waited till the buyouts ended then gave him the axe great company... 34 years of bleeding brown , lol

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    I find it hard to believe a DM with 34 years was crying for his job, Surely he is financially sound... Anyhow 804 is weak...