Lenexa Feeder Manager Has Rollaway?

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  1. raceanoncr

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    Anyone hear of this? I ain't from there but heard it through the "pipe", so I won't opine until I hear more about it.

    Supposedly, Lenexa was having a feeder manager/supervisor audit, you know, where some OTHER know-it-all comes in and tests them? Word is, he forgot to set tractor brake, rolled into post. More word is, they just called it an "incident". Further word is, Lenexa feeder drivers crashed the 800 Business Conduct line on this one.
  2. over9five

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    Oh, I hope so!
  3. City Driver

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    the feeder manager was driving the truck? is that allowed?
  4. wannabeups

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    WOW news travels fast.
  5. raceanoncr

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    OK, City, since you're from the freight side, you are not faced with this yet...YET! Here's the deal.

    UPS Parcel has had this procedure in place for many years. They take a person that they like...um...kinda like your terminal clerk, and teach them to drive a truck, even if they don't want to. After forcing them to get a CDL and sending them to Top Gun school in South Holland, IL (or whereever else they hold em), where, it seems, everyone comes back in the top of their class, they are now qualified to teach YOU how to drive a truck, irregardless of your years of experience. They are now called your supervisor or manager.

    If they REALLY like you, they make you what they call a feeder auditor. That is where you have done the same thing, except answered all the questions perfectly. That means you can now go out and test all the others around the country that passed this school once but are not now deemed satisfactory, usually once a year. That is, your supervisors and managers are tested by someone, like them, that has never driven a truck, except in Top Gun school.

    That was this case, supposedly. Feeder manager was being tested. Due to his years of road experience (sarcasm intended), he evidently missed a crucial factor and let the tractor slam into a pole. Again, I don't have facts, just relating what was heard second, maybe third or fourth hand. If it can be verified or denied, then fine.

    By the way, some of the less important things that will get the "team" a failing mark during their week of testing are these:

    -Failing to call those little amber bulbs on the front corner of the trailers "Illuminators". They are not lights and they are not lit.

    _Failing to call the device that signals your turn intentions to other drivers. They are not called "turn signals". They are called "Directionals".
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    Has anyone noticed anything different on your checks this week? Our department checks say UPS freight Long Island City NY instead of UPS.
    Just wondering.
  7. raceanoncr

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    Probably cuz Ohio has screwed up Frieghts checks now just like Parcels for the last few years. Probably outsourcing this too.
  8. City Driver

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    i see.....forgetting to set your tractor brake is like putting your underwear on after your jeans
  9. tieguy

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    couple of problems with your little fantasy. We do not use the work "illuminator" we say our three ID Lights and two clearance lights are illuminated when demonstrating the pretrip. Another fantasy killer is that there is no corporate auditer this year auditing facilitys due to cost cutting initiatives.

    As for your the rest of your fantasy I would dare say there are many of you reeking with all that "experience" that could not pass DTS. In fact my experience has been that most of you that claim to know feeders so much better then us can not even perform a proper pretrip without missing at least two dot required items.

    But yet because you have been getting behind the wheel of a tractor longer then we have you now claim some type of driving superiority....:)
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    Here we go again.
  11. tieguy

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    I'm sure you meant to make your comment after races but just took to long getting to it?:happy-very:
  12. raceanoncr

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    Oh, sounds like I hit a nerve, huh?

    OK, semantics. They are "Illuminated" when performing the pre-trip. Not "Lit". Geez! You got me!

    Hmmm...no corporate auditor this year? Hmm...this "incident" has already been confirmed by PM and others. Here? They have been practicing their "cross-training" for weeks here in anticipation of the "non-corporate" auditor.

    Me? Hmmm...Feeders 28 of my 31 years here. 61 years old, 6'0", 195 lbs. OK.

    Try me on the pre-post-any trip you want. I can outperform any computer trained geek any day of my life. My "experience" has had me driving most machines you have not even heard of. Marmon, Hendrickson, Emeryville.

    Yes, you are right on one count. I DO claim "some type of driving superiority". 31 years service...31 years safe driving. Arrogant? Yes. I've drivin thru Louky, Meadowlands, Cach, Earth City, Denver, Minn, San Fran and all points between. Arrogant? You bet! Have any of your peers match that!

    And name calling? That's pretty low, Tie. Have I ever done that? To ANYBODY? Pretty low.
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  15. Covemastah

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    Paid Observers,,dont mean they can drive!!:happy2:
  16. tieguy

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    They are required to certify on a regular basis to keep thier skills up. they may get a visit from region but there is no "if they like you" auditor from corporate this year.

    Despite your claims of being some type of driving god you can take anyone and train them to drive a tractor trailer. Many of the current tractor trailer drivers are also computer geeks so I guess you're going to have to find some other type of slur to put down those you believe are so far beneath your **.
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  17. bluehdmc

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    Which is more important? To say the lights are "illuminated" or the fact that they are working?
    This is a matter of semantics, if feeder managers are judged by whether they say "illuminated" or working seems a little rediculous to me. Also if we're going to get technical they are identification lights not ID lights. If they're working they are illuminated. This seems like a college educated, desk jockeys reason for being.
    I see nothing wrong in education, I've taken many motorcycle safety courses and while classroom and theory time is valuable, there is no substitute for practical experience. Which is gonna be gained by spending more time behind the wheel than time in a classroom or behind a desk.
  18. tieguy

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    Does not mean they can't . You guys really need this ego trip don't you?
  19. tieguy

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    Race , I don't know what came over me . I should known that you are the only here allowed to make assumptions.
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    Wow touchy!:surprised: