Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by tahoepickup, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. tahoepickup

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    Finally got our first drop of snow in Tahoe... not too bad yet, but it seems like winter is coming sooner than expected. My driver showed up last Friday wearing some cool UPS jacket. Do the drivers get issued their uniforms or is it something you have to purchase from the company?
  2. local804

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    The regular uniforms are issued from the company.That cool jacket he was wearing was probably bought with his own money or a safety award .Snow already, hmmmmmmmm must be football season....
  3. tieguy

    tieguy Guest

    I wonder if it was the ike jacket. Theres still a few drivers around that own one.
  4. kidlogic

    kidlogic Guest

    My boss always smiles and says " Boy I am glad I'm not you out there delivering in the snow" with a smile on his face. Then I say "It's not snow. It's powdered overtime"...
  5. tahoepickup

    tahoepickup Guest


    What's the Ike jacket? My driver's jacket was light brown and I think it had the UPS logo on the pocket. Seemed pretty comfy!
  6. dannyboy

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    Ike Jackets are those that were UPS issue in the 70's or before. I also liked the vests that were early on. Looked like flak jackets, but were warm.

    More than likely it is something the driver bought on his own, and according to UPS standards, he is not to wear it out on the road.

  7. tahoepickup

    tahoepickup Guest

    Hi D,

    I think it is UPS issued since it had the UPS logo on the pocket and it matched his uniform too. I'll ask him about it this afternoon.
  8. dannyboy

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    THere are a lot of things that are brown and have the UPS logo on them, and many are not allowed to be worn while on duty.

    But as a practical matter, there are many uniform parts that are not available to all areas of the company, so it might be something he can get there and we are not allowed to have here.

    I wear a brown hat that is not UPS issue when it rains. It keeps the water off my glasses and back, which UPS issue hats do not. Got it while I was on vacation a few years back in yellowstone and beyond. I think it is called an outback hat, but it does the job.

    Im thinking I will wear my santa outfit this year[​IMG]. IT gets almost as large a laugh with the customers as the cardboard sign that says "will work for food".

  9. ups_vette

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    I still have my "IKE" jacket and "Bus Driver" cap I was issued on my 1st day with UPS on March 3, 1963.

    Another driver who started a week after me wore his Ike Jacket and Bus Driver cap till he retired in 2001. All the new drivers asked where they could get them.
  10. tahoepickup

    tahoepickup Guest

    I forgot to ask my driver what jacket it was [​IMG]. Kinda got sidetracked after he told me that his truck heater was broken... brrrrrrr!!![​IMG]
  11. dannyboy

    dannyboy Guest


    I hope you will keep them, you earned them.

    They were the most comfortable of winter wear, just not very thick.

  12. beacon_ray

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    Having started in the 70's, I too remember the "IKE" jackets. They were really warm. I started too late for the "BUS DRIVERS" cap though. I do have a pin that I believe went on the front center of the cap. A friend I worked with had one of the plastic "bow ties". I regret having to turn in that "IKE" jacket for those crappy plastic jackets we had. I also had a light weight "Spring IKE jacket" that I wore till it fell apart on me. Those two jackets are long gone, but since then, I have kept every little trinket that UPS gave us, along with the old jackets, vests and hats we wore. They all saw alot of use too. As of December 1st 2003, I will officially "retire" from UPS. "WHAT A RIDE I HAD"!!!!
  13. ups_vette

    ups_vette Guest


    Come on Ray...give us one more peak.

    You're going to be so bored this Christmas. I retired in July of '95, so by Christmas I no longer suffered from UPS Withdrawl.

    Just joking Ray, enjoy your well deserved retirement, you worked long and hard to acheive it.

    May you and your family stay healthy and reap the rewards retirement will bring.
  14. dannyboy

    dannyboy Guest

    Congrats from me too. 843 working days left for me unless UPS and Teamsters figure out what they will do with my forgotten years.

    Enjoy retirement while you can. Life is short.


  15. beacon_ray

    beacon_ray Guest

    Thanks you guys for the nice words of congrats!!! I really plan on enjoying myself again. It will be like starting life over,without all the pressure and such. I plan on getting to know my wife again, we were like passing ships in the night. My kids grew up in front of me, and I hardly remember. I plan on getting to know them better too!!! Many of us don't make it this far in package, I feel very fortunate. BTW, in all the years I was there, I'm only the 7th one to make it. "I can't believe it"!!!!! Dannyboy, you've gone this far, you'll make it too!!!
  16. tahoepickup

    tahoepickup Guest


    You've only got about 3 weeks left before your retirement. Do you think you'll suffer from "package withdrawal?" [​IMG]

    In the meantime... more snow here in Tahoe. How's the weather where all you other guys are at?
  17. local804

    local804 Guest

    Congrats Ray,
    Thank the lord you made it.Tahoe, 40 and sunny here in the big apple.
  18. beacon_ray

    beacon_ray Guest

    Tahoe, No, no package withdrawl for me!! I'm ready to go!! I'll miss the people (drivers & management) that I worked with everyday. And my customers-----some of the best people I ever met. Some still keep in touch with me even though I've been off their route in years. I have many hobbies to keep me busy, along with a large list of "honey do's". I may even seek employment elsewhere, but not before I enjoy some of the free time I'll have. I look forward to waking up some winter morning, looking out the window at a blizard, and knowing that I don't have to put on my "browns" and go out in it. THAT I WON'T MISS!!!! As far as weather around here, no snow, but cold, no higher than 30's. Take care-------Ray
  19. beacon_ray

    beacon_ray Guest

    Local 804, Thanks!!! I feel so fortunate that I did make it. My co-workers say I'm a "survivor", some knowing that they may never see retirement day. I look back, and even thought to myself, "I'll never see retirement". But as the time gets closer, you have a "feeling" that you'll make it!! I quess my advice is to "take it one day at a time". Ray
  20. nevadapaul

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    Snow down here in Carson Valley!!!!