Let's Stop Being Losers

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    As far as FedEx is concerned, all of us hourlies are "losers". It's all too obvious that we don't matter, even though what we do gives "them" a reason to exist. When I used to jumpseat a lot, I'd remind our sometimes smug pilots that we are the people who fill their effing plane. I was on my way to MEM one time when the captain and FO started talking about how they would never touch a box, so I gave them a piece of my mind. It started an interesting conversation about the Weasel-in Chief, and how Fred had at one point envisioned a People Express/Southwest Airlines type of FedEx, where if a pilot had to jump-in and help, they'd do it. This was one of the big reasons the pilots decided to stand-up to Smith. The other was scheduling, where Fred wanted a more flexible (sound familiar?) pilot workforce that would save him some money and screw them over on home time and pay. The FAA heavily regulates flying hours, but Fred had it worked out where the schedules would always benefit him, and not the other way around.

    So the pilots unionized, first through an in-house deal (that failed) and then through ALPA, which has been an enormous success for them. Not only did Uncle Fred bend to their wishes, but they are now the highest-paid commercial pilots in the business. Did FedEx fail? No. Did ALPA "thugs" wrest control of the company into their greasy union hands? Again..no. Over time, the pilots have become buddy-buddy with Fred again, but The Weasel needed to be taught a lesson.

    Sorry, but the rest of the company looks at us the same way....as the losers. They have a much more lucrative deal than we do, and guess who subsidizes it...the hourlies. As long as we have no union representation, we have no choice but to accept the crap sandwich Fred serves every single year, and like it.

    What I'd really love to do is serve Fred his own crap sandwich right back to him. As Ricochet1a has pointed-out here numerous times, FedEx absolutely can afford to pay us UPS-style wages. Please do not believe the sob story about how FedEx is teetering on the edge of collapse...it isn't. How many times have you heard over the years how "shaky" the Express market is, or that we are "weak" Internationally now or "flat" domestically. The cash register is still full, and it's getting fuller as our wallets get thinner. We are the extra profit margin for Fred via the screwjob we've been getting.

    SIGN THE CARD, and spread the word that WE are screwing ourselves every time we passively accept that tasty crap sandwich. Let's stop being losers, tie that effing weasel to his desk, and spoon-feed his lying ass a big heaping bowl of the steaming feces he has been serving us for seemingly forever. It is totally possible if we start to actually fight this rat bastard by playing his way..with power. We've given it all over to him, and it's high time we take it back.

    Mr Hoffa. Yes, we are talking to you. Please get off your ass and actually show the world that you are a "leader" instead of the passive pansy you have become. If you want a strong Teamsters Union, then actually DO something about organizing FedEx. You seem absolutely flaccid these days, as union power continues to fade into nothingness. If you want our membership and dues, you need to prove that the IBT is worthy. Every time you welch on a deal to support workers, or run away like a coward, you feed the FedEx anti-union machine, which exploits your ineptitude at every opportunity. You are Fred's biggest supporter, and you don't even know you're doing it. That's pathetic, and your organization needs to change the way it operates.

    Provide us legal support, and get some reps out to FedEx parking lots and facilities. You obviously have failed in Washington DC, so go back to the streets and start operating like you actually want to make a difference by attracting workers to the IBT. You have continually failed us as well. At least start acting like you're going to do something while you wait for your Viagra to kick-in.

    The only way we win is if you do your part, and right now that isn't happening. Watch the cards start flowing-in once you take some meaningful action...NOW.
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    This is so TRUE. Fred has been lying to us for so long, he believes himself. We need the IBT to be the good guy in the white hat, not Festus asking what to do Marshal.
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    The problem is that the job has been simplified to the point they can bring just about anyone off the street and turn them into a courier. The company, as Ricochet1A has pointed out, made sure to placate the older couriers with the latest pay scheme. They'll all be gone sooner or later. But the company no longer has to compete for the best and brightest to do the job. Most of the newhires brought onboard these days are thrilled to get a job starting at more than they were making. With a retirement plan to boot! The few bright ones who sneak in figure out real soon that unless they want to be a manager then this is only a temporary gig. Heard an older courier say to a young guy this morning that she never planned on this being a career 25+ years ago in response to his saying that he's not going to make a career of it. She'd be on the mark if this job had real pay progression, company paid healthcare, and a real pension. But where's the incentive to stay? Oh yeah, as bad as it has gotten it's still better than most unskilled hourly jobs as their corporations are ruthless, greedy bastards too. So good luck getting that union. Older couriers just want to get out, and the young ones think they've hit paydirt.


    Right on the money Van...and then there's us, the ones that have been here long enough to know we should get out but have too much time invested to just up and do it.
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    Whats up buddy? Please don't allow "the young ones" to continue to think they have hit "paydirt". They will become old, bitter, poor and disillusioned. P.S. Hope all is better since a special and lovely (she) manager transferred out. (I meant special and lovely sarcastically).

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    Oh yeah, forgot how much you loved her, LOL!!
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    Yea, she was great (meant very sarcastically). Actually, glad she motivated me to go. Where ever she transferred to- I know she will be right at home. She really deserves her employment (sarcastically meant, again). I feel bad for those under her authority.

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    I am all in for workers of FedEx to unite to battle the company and their backers. The Teamsters and many of the other unions side with the corporations and their lackeys in the government headed by Barack Obama. I'm going to pay union dues so someone who doesn't represent my interest can betray me. No thank you. Teamsters are a pro-capitalist, nationalist anti-working class organization that will continue to sell out it members. UPS workers' working conditions are horrible. I was a seasonal driver helper and in that short time I saw just how little control these workers have over their workplaces. They are overworked and disrespected. One driver was suspended for taking 45 minutes to make a delivery but it wasn't his fault, only one elevator operational. What did the union do? Nothing. If the workers of FedEx want to unite let us do it ourselves. Yes it will be difficult but I think the best choice is this route not signing cards for representation from Teamsters. Ask some UPS workers what they think about their union.
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    The Teamsters suck, but they are the only game in town. No matter how poorly you think UPS workers have it, they have much more going for them than FedEx workers, both in terms of job security and wages.
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    I think FedEx is a horrible company to work for. They only care about their profit margins and thats the bottom line. They consistently keep their stores under staffed so they don't have to pay as much. If you work in the evenings better be prepared to stay late. You can plan on being stuck there till everything is done for the morning. You also should be prepared to say Yes We Can to anything a customer might want even if you know it is not humanly possible and you don't have the equipment to do it. They also try to put so much pressure on you that you will be incredibly scared to use little if any sick time. This leads to often going to work sick and spreading sickness to customers.
    They also are on a kick of hiring less educated people so they can start them off at lower wages. I think this is very exploitive and cruel. Anyway, I hope this helps some people out there. If anyone had a good experience working with FedEx than good for you! Maybe the company is different in other places.
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    Yes, they have become a horrible employer. Outsiders don't realize the games that FedEx plays with employees, and they generally have a positive view of the company that is undeserved. Sick time, injuries, operational need, and so many other aspects of this operation are seriously screwed-up. It's all about the money, not customer service.
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    I know at LEAST 50% of the couriers at my station would sign! The only ones that wouldn't or be hesitant are the "super couriers", new hires, and Handy & Freddy lovers who are snowballed into thinking this place is great and everything is just great. Or the few ASS-pire couriers.
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    It sounds like your FXO, feel sorry for you. I covered a pick up route Monday night and when I got to the FXO close out, I was amazed the store had just two employees (amazed, not suprised). The BS customers were laying on the employees would have had me walking out the door with a one-digit salute. The one hourly employee was trying her best, but the useless manager was no help at all, sitting in her office out back not helping at all.
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    i agree, mr. fed....26yr. employee here....it was good at the beginning, and now it's the complete opposite...take, take, take...i don't think it's too late to invite the IBT in....there are locals in every state....there's no reason that they can't come up with a certain date, and hit every FDX station nation-wide on that date, with an armful of cards for us to sign....i'm thinkin' mr. hoffa would be pleasantly surprised with the outcome...
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    Welcome aboard. I think Mr. Hoffa is taking money from Fred. He shows zero interest in us, even though they have to be aware of what's happening right now.
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    The more I think about this, the more convinced I am of this. Why else would he just have the Teamsters just give up like they did? They virtually stopped trying overnight back in 2009. And why did they withdraw support for those Ground handlers on the east coast? Hoffa abandoned those guys and left them to the sharks of FedEx management. I doubt any of those guys still has their jobs today.