Lets talk about numbers: Ground / HD / Express

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    Last year I averaged 120 stops (Ground) with a max 145 (plus pickups). This year my average is 140 with a max of 165. Now I know you HD drivers are hitting 130-200 stops on average. What about Express?

    A friend of mine decided not to work Saturdays. He had around 250 stops this morning.

    Wednesdays seem to be the big days at my terminal instead of the usual Tuesday.
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    :bloodshot: my max was set at 120 per day... with ~130 miles driven. tonight was a bit rough w/ 169 stops with the same service miles. The only saving grace is i know my area in the dark & knows when to "break trace" to get the business stops done before doing the residentials...

    other co-workers in HD are going out with over 220 stops to a few drivers with 300+ stops (one or two has helpers/package mules like UPS)

    i should have stayed with the temp agency... i was doing the math & i'm taking a loss:kickme:when it comes to OT pay & that safety bonus at the end of PeaK.

    only 5 more days left. Stay SAFE out there
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    Safety bonus? explain
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Temp agencies have incentive pay programs not available to contractor employees.
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    Many contractors offer safety bonuses. Usually involves no accidents or complaints.
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    That a majority keep for themselves.....
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    140 Stops 100 Miles, 7.5hrs on road... sigh, I can do this with my eyes closed...
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    Ok did feel like starting a new thread. All we hear about is how much better drivers and service express offers.

    I saw an express driver the other day pull down a road with a large culdesac at the end. Instead of turning around in the culdesac and walking the stop off maybe 15-20 ft. The driver noses into the driveway barely big enough for enough for the truck.

    Are express and ground really any different anymore?
  9. bbsam

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    No. And UPS is following the trend.
  10. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    I don't know of 1 ups driver that would nose into a drive that's on a culdesac. Not saying they aren't out there.

    Edit. I don't know of one that would go into the drive at all.
  11. bbsam

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    I was kind of referencing another thread with less than stellar delivery methods.
  12. TUT

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    As a shipper, I do not see it or hear it on the delivery end. I'm actually having a bit smoother experience now with ground on the pickup end. Appearances don't matter, workmanship does and that is if there is even an appearance issue. I just hear it brought up here to make Express hourly feel above Ground hourly. To me that shows pettiness.
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    Express doesn't hire quality employees anymore. They're simply unwilling to pay for them. So it comes as no surprise at all to me these days that we see the same exact antics coming from the guys in the orange 'Ex' trucks as we've always enjoyed poking fun at from the guys in the green 'Ex' trucks. It should come as no surprise at all really, as ya gets what ya pays for - and Fredward seems perfectly okay with that.

    Why on earth would a quality individual wish to sign on at this dump as it is these days? A company can survive on its past reputation for only so long. And the clock has run out for this sorry-assed one.

    FedEx's new motto for 2014 "We ALL suck now!"
  14. MrFedEx

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    Very true. While I almost never see unprofessional behavior from UPS drivers, it is really on the rise at Express. The new employee is so dumbed-down that when DRA starts printing "00's", they can't even pull the belt for their route area. Of course, that "area" can be different every day with DRA, so that isn't a big surprise.

    UPS still views having a capable professional out there on the road as being cost-effective. Obviously, Fred doesn't quite see things the same way. So when drivers nose-in to residentials etc. and then run people over, it's "cost-effective" to settle out-of-court.

    UPS took the high road, FedEx took the basement route. The whole company sucks.
  15. dvalleyjim

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    203 stops, 165 miles
  16. Our volume has definitely increased .. however, the contractor I work for has made sure we've had plenty of trucks on the road and kept things very manageable .. Where I usually average 75-100 or so stops a day throughout the year, I've been around 120-130 stops on some of our larger days .. nothing that can't be handled for sure
  17. At my terminal, we've also been lucky that, despite some weather issues, we've only dispatched late one day this peak .. very nice work by the line-haul ..