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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Gr8fulMark, Apr 16, 2010.

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    Why would we be interested? Why is it time for change at 177?
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    standard union propaganda applys here. present leadership submitting to the company. giving the ship away rhetoric. Yada yada.
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    If you are not intrested and have no problem with what has been going on the last 12 years and the growth of the union Please vote for them again
    if you want to get involved and change a few positions on this board now is the time to get involved, don't wait and complain next year

    Contact us at Time4change177@Gmail.com
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    I'm a novice at the union propaganda wars but it seems a web site would be more effective then a gmail email address.

    also your response to Reds question may be a little weak. Generally this is where you tell him why you don't like the job the current slate did. Red seems to like it if you call them Hoffa supporters , say they are giving the ship away, not defending the members etc.
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    Yes Web sites are coming soon
    We are just getting together ideas and agenda's for now
    Nominations are not till September
    There will be no Negativity on these or any other sites
    when elections are over we all go back together as a Stronger UNION
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    Tie I have only heard good things about local 177, nothing bad. They stand up for their members, they take it right to UPS. Remember this is the same local that did the fly over with the banner and has the bill boards over UPS's safety violations. They have a lot of cases at panel and seem to win a lot of their cases.

    The current admin at 177 would get my vote against Hoffa, I might even vote more than once for them!!! I would take time off of work knowing what I know about them and run theri campaign in Illinios for them. That is of course the OP can point out why it is time for change in 177.
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    I'm sure voting more then once would be sop in your local.:laughing:

    I noticed in your listing that 177 had a lot of cases on the slates that were deadlocked.

    In that case I would imagine the pro slate would say they were holding the company accountable

    while the against slate would say they were pissing the members money away chasing grievances that have no prayer of winning.

    It seems to me that any union slate could send the message they were tough on the company by sending a lot of cases to the panel.
    the question though is this the best solution for the members. I've heard of locals over the year that got theirselves into a bind because they ran cash poor chasing all those panel cases.
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    that my friend was a wonderfully political answer.
    I take it your slate is really just token resistance then? Perhaps put up to it by the slate in power to give the impression of having opposition.
    after all you can't run for office if you're not willing to tell the voters why and where your opponent comes up short?
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It is possible to do that and not go negative. Not as effective but still possible.
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    We are looking to build a stronger union
    Let the Rank and File vote for some of the positions
    We have not had an election in 9 years
    Some things this local stands for is good
    others need change
    Not looking to start from scratch
    When its time to Campaign We will be out there
    Now is Just a Building Block

    Time For Change Not Billboards and Planes
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    No sounds like someone wants to pretend they're running without stepping on any toes.
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    Agreed but there is more of an edge to it when you take a shot at the opposition. Some people think you, in general, care more about the issues...
  14. As a steward of Local 177, the only thing I am interested in the upcoming election is the current slate being re-elected unopposed! I believe strongly in my Delegates! They should only be replaced as they retire! These guys are dedicated to representing the best interest of our members! They have been in my corner, every time I have needed them! I have seen with my own eyes, Local 177 going up against UPS. They have saved members jobs, time and time again!
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    Hey again if you are happy. then no brainer you get one vote so please use it. I am in contact with 30 other stewards that do not feel that way, I have 2 members on the board that are thinking about leaving and get together with us. This is not Treason this is the way it is suppose to be done.
    Most people are not happy with the selections they have made the last 6 years and also the fact that 2 of the major players are retiring this year.

    Its not like they just have to fill in 2 spots with business agents. They have to replace the President and Vice President From Within and that will not be an easy task

    Like i have said before no negativity, The Issues will be out for the RANK AND FILE to Vote on

    When election process is over We are back to a Strong and Proud Union For another 3 years
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    What Locals were those? Specifics please.
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    Gee look who's my new best friend.
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    Red is absolutley right, this is one hard working Executive Board that always goes above and beyond to represent the members of Local 177. Every building in the Locals jurisdiction is visited by members of the board at least once per week. These are hard working guys.
  19. Gr8fulMark

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    Local 177 covers North Jersey Staten Island and few bldgs in new york state. Visiting Bldgs is a small part of the job
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    I guess that is your line when you cannot provide the info that was asked to back up your accusation. I'll be quiet now so I dont wind up on your ignore list.:wink2: