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    it's 4 and a half years since we had a steward and after going round and round with my local about why we need a steward on the shift, i'm getting no where. i have a copy of are by-law and it states,

    section 13 sub-section B: part (d) states: Stewards or alternate stewards can be recalled by petition of over 50% of the members they serve. Vancancies through recall, removal, or resignation shall be filled by election for the remainder of the term.

    Well, local 385 are not following there own by-laws. they won't return my calls or other members of my shift. what can we do about this? is this misrepresentation? thanks for the help, Jason
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    Did you call the Teamster head office, better yet hire a lawyer and look for another job before they fire you.
  3. Fredless

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    See what the hell happens when your whole shift goes down to the union hall and withdraws en masse like that.

    What the hell is your BA's problem? How freaking hard is it for him to send a damn letter to the labor manager and say XY person is now a steward. Thanks.
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    When we needed a steward years ago I went to my local and they simply made me one as long as I went to a Sat. training course at the local. What shift are you on, preload, carwash, reload, etc etc.

    It is true that our union can lose site of the members at times. They need more business agents is my bet. Seems like we go months with out seeing ours and then a visit 2 or 3 times all together then back to nothing.

    They need to be down at the hubs more often to help enforce the contract. They only seem to show up for two reasons now. One is to sign up new members or to get more people into drive, the other is a good reason like getting a person their job back.

    Lately all of the people that have got their jobs back have been without backpay and that means they are at strike two as it is now considered an agreed upon suspension. The union seems to be happy to just get the job back. More and more it appears that our power is evaporating.

    I would demand a steward or do what Fredless said.
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    I worked on the reload in the daytona center and robert is a racist and many of us have called the local union and bitched about robert and how he is the supervisors Bitch and he just wants to try to get into a stewards position to promote more of his nightly bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. Robert tell the truth (if you know how) no one wants you as a steward you don't know :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: and you will sell everyone out to get what you want. tell them all that we have 5 stewards in the daytona beach center and no one would or has ever wanted you as a steward EVER!!!
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    Hey, instead of swinging your e-dong around - why don't you confront the guy in the parking lot if thats how you feel?

    Or better, yet run against him in an election? I don't think you realize what stewards have to go through.

    The guy is only as good as his last greivance right?

    I don't measure our "power" by getting jobs back. Why the hell are these guys getting fired anyway? I have a huge target on my back but this job is REALLY easy to stay out of trouble. Follow their retarded little methods, show up to work on time (not even 1 second late) and ... you won't get touched.

    Yeah, they can fire you for retarded crap like...anything they want. But as long as it doesn't violate a cardinal sin they'll bring them back with pay. If a guy has been repeatidly fired, especially for progressive discipline (I f-ing can't STAND it when we have to fight tooth and nail for pieces of crap that ABUSE the union), and get their jobs back.

    It seems we spend a lot of our time getting jobs back when it should be on busting the company's ass. The power of the union doesn't stay at the union hall. It doesn't stay at the B.A. or the steward, they are only as strong as thier members make them.

    If our B.A. didn't have a core group of members and the stewards beating the drum at the same tune - he could scream till he was pink the face to get jobs back but the bottom line is, if the member screws up (which you know majority of the time, the member did screw up - the company isn't going to roll the dice for piddly-crap), we have to just go for mercy. Hell, just last week I settled for 8 hours at double time on a combined 20 hours at double time for supervisors working with my hub manager. I had plenty of written statements to back up my grievances as well. But the deal was, he withdraw 3 suspensions and 2 terminations and I'd back down that much on my personal grievances. I told the two guys that were pending terms that they were off the hook and they just said "oh... aight. thanks bro." But if I get seen talking to a supervisor about anything, I'm a little rat who is in the company's pocket.

    I know that may seem harsh and that I don't care blah blah..but thats how I am. I tell it how it is.
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    sorry it's taken me a bit to get back to this thred. ya must have not work with us for long, nobody cause me robert, not even my parents. i won't even take time to address the stupid thing you said. if the people of the reload, think i'm not the right person then they can elect some one else. all i want is fair and equal treatment for all. strike em now is it fair, just last night the reload sups walk around handing out verbal warning for 1 or 2 misorts, they wait till after the stewie's left to start the process. is it fair they use people who have worked as drivers before and have quit and come back after being gone 9 months, working the reload and being here less then six months back cover driving? does ups have the right to tell some not to see a doctor, because they don't want are perfect year of safety to go down the tubes?

    Ya we have 6 stewards, 2 on the preload, 4 full timers, and none on the reload.

    I'd like to say it a gain to make my self clear. if i'm not the right person to be steward, then let us have someone on are shift have it. no more half ass union resrepresentation. WE pay are dues and we should have a steward..
  8. ogrelord

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    i heard from our union president 2 weeks ago, he was going to call me back the next day on setting up a date to meet with him and the BA and address a steward on the reload shift. never heard from him. i understand that the power of the local is in the hall, but the hall is over an hour drive from the center and a hour and a half for me. most of the part timers on the reload work other jobs or are in school, and the weekend is the only time they have to get things done. would it be to much to ask, that we see are BA more then once every 4 years. i rember the last time i saw them at are center. was march 2004 and they gave me a nice blue kerry/edwards t-shirt.( i still have the shirt to prove it) i hope the teamster didn't wager my on that horse.
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    This may give you some anwers. If you feel your rights were violated I believe this is the place to go.

  10. 705red

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    If your serious about being a steward dont you realize that you should attend the monthly union meetings? Not knocking you here, but if you are planning on it then go on down to the next meeting and meet with your agents. Unless of course you just want to be another steward that feels they dont have to go to the union meetings.
  11. ogrelord

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    I've gone that route before. went ever month , talked with the BA in person. they told me to my face, 2 years ago they didn't want to put a steward on the shift. said that the drivers would cover us. to bad it's not always a steward there to represent us.

    Can the union choose wich by-laws they follow and wich they don't? can they change them with out a vote, or letting us know? these are just question that i'm not certian on, so i'm asking. i have my thought, but i've been know to be wrong some of the time.
  12. 705red

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    Here i help out on both the preload and twilight shifts but we also have stewards on both.

    By-laws can be changed yearly (at least here 705). Every january we have by-law proposal meetings and then in march whoever comes to the hall get to vote ya or na. Can you explain which bylaws they not following?
  13. ogrelord

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    section 13 sub-section B: part (d) states: Stewards or alternate stewards can be recalled by petition of over 50% of the members they serve. Vancancies through recall, removal, or resignation shall be filled by election for the remainder of the term.

    now something might have changed since i got a copy of the by-laws. wich has been about six months. another question, how long does it take your hall to contact you back you leave a message?
  14. 705red

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    Usually within a day or two, if a member calls. All of the stewards have our agents cell numbers and even home numbers in case of an emergency.