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    Anyone else heard of MIP, and being constantly harassed with it? Today was my 3rd checkride in 6 weeks, where my goal has been verified. My methods been proven solid. I have had probably 5 OLCC documented. I was thanked for helping my two route partners save SOS service yesterday, but you were at 90% . LOVE what I do, but hate how I have to explain every day in a ten minute meeting why it took me 120 seconds longer to clear two days ago than it should have.
    Any other location dealing with MIP ?
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    I know of two routes at my station under constant scrutiny. One of them, the courier is outstanding, the swings never make the numbers when they do his route.


    At our station we call it MBI...Management by Intimidation
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    Article 37---HARASSMENT File a grievance.
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    Sure...if we had a union.
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    Maybe it's the new GRP Program..

    Getting Rid of People. This company is insane.
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    What is MIP our station has a new report with your daily
    activities I never seen before.
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    MIP ,stands for Method Improvement Plan. Basically I had several checkrides, watched a 2004 Best Practice video, and if I fail to make goal performance reminders are coming my way. Today I finished 45 minute early, but was sent 15 miles to help another route. I protested , stating if I helped save lates my reward would be missing my goal for the week.
    I have come to the decision not to let their paperwork intimidate me. Over the years I have witnessed countless operational decision made by OPS managers that have negatively impacted SPH to keep people happy. Express is in this position from poor leadership, not my 98.7% last week.
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    Thats happening at our station but they are not giving it a name. Again, Fedex contriols the goal numbers, the route boundries, the packages they give you and the stops. I would call personnel on that one. Because....I think personnel would tell them to back off as they are there to protect Fedex from lawsuit and Fedex would not have a leg to stand on.
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    At any given time, you can go back around 3 weeks in ROADS to access this information. Each day you should go into ROADS and run a route trace for what you did the day before. It will generate a nice PDF file listing your stops in the order you ran them, when you made each stop, total packages at each stop, and total packages by service (PO, SO, etc) at each stop. Print that out along with the map that plots each stop. Note which stops were out of your area and how much time you lost taking care of those stops (driving time to that area, meeting the driver and sorting the stops, everything). Take those printouts home and keep them.

    It would also be a good idea to go into FWR and print copies of your onroad performance and keep those handy, too. Match them up to their respective route trace reports.

    This goes a long way to CYA especially if you routinely make goal on days when you don't have to assist another route. If someone is out to screw you he will only offer documentation that supports his side of the story. Make sure that you can document your side.
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    There are ways to try and fix this problem, Call H/R let them know about harassment and what is going on. You have to lose.

    P.S. Think about unionizing
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    How does one (courier) access ROADS and FWR to gather these reports ?? A open terminal with intranet access ??
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    Yes. Keywords are ROADS and FWR.
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    I think you need to sign-up for the SIP (Shill Improvement Program). Your BS is getting more stinky all the time. MIP is just another game to get rid of people, conveniently couched in another stupid acronym.
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    Straight from the keyboard of the King of Inaction himself.
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    You have no idea what I do or don't do.
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    I know that you don't do what you say you're going to do.
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    "Now go do the voodoo that you do so well"...Hedley Lamar


    Classic my friend, classic!