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    Is there any real threat to being permanently terminated for misloads or is this just a ploy to get us to quit? Is it possible for a loader to bump an unloader with less seniority?

    My center runs about 25-30 routes and has about 5000 packages everyday. We vary between 0 and 4 misloads on a daily basis, with an occasional explosion of misloads (5-8). The average loader has at least 1 per week. We now have a "zero tolerance" policy. Terminations have started and there are several others that could go any day.

    Thank you
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    Is the union doing anything to get those people back to work?
    I was a preloader in the late 70's. Every night the supervisor would walk up to every preloader and have them read and intial a misload card the driver had completed.
    One night I informed my supervisor that unless I was allowed to stay until my drivers drove out of the building or I was allowed to hire an armed guard to guard my trucks that I couldn't be responsible for what happens after I leave.
    There's a 1-2 hour window between when I left and the drivers leave. Anyone could throw a package on any of my trucks. Also, with all the splits and other load "adjustments", it would be easy for a misload to loaded.
    My supervisor didn't ask me to intial the card anymore. Did he falsify my signature every night? Probably, but I never heard any more about it.
    I would think that considering the high turn-over rate and the apparent inability to hire people to preload that management would try working with the people instead of being obnoxious.
  3. I think they need to tell what kind of misloads they are too. If they are out of sync PAL labels or if you guys are held responsible for system flips. Here we were recently not held responsible for flips (thank god) but we are held responsible for out of syncs when it goes by at least 2 sets of eyes before ours and I know they don't check. Each center at our hub has anywhere from 5-14 with the MDC mini center having about 5 (not as big as the other ones). Many are out of sync PALs (due to the fact we can't keep trained people in the primary).

    however the SPA people can't really be faulted too much, most of our loads come late and then they are double teamed so we can catch up (two unloaders in the trailer)....the faster you go the more mistakes you make, especially if you're new.
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    Wow, we go through about 5* your volume at the most (25 000) and we're not even told our misloads. I found out that we had 478 out of 22 000 mis sorts a 2.1% mis-sort ratio.

    management doesn't care, they don't tell us, we don't care. maybe this will get them to build our new center (hopefully with more than 1 belt) a bit quicker!

    and hopefully by 2015, industrial engineering will route packages by postal code not the city :mad:

    about the terminations, that's intimidation and you should grieve this as harassment; it isn't 1960, you don't get results by harassing your employees.

    furthermore, a mis sort laid on you should be based on someone witnessing you directly mis sorting a box. otherwise, there's no proof you mis sorter other than you conceding that you did, simply because you were told you did. please don't be a normal upser and submit to this.
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    Re: Misload Terminations

    We have grieved almost everything recently, but it hasn't slowed them down at all. How do other centers handle this?

    Is there anything in the contract about harrassment, or performance goals?

    We have papers that they tell us to sign for every day that we have a misload. I have argued that they couldn't tell who misloaded it, but the top of the paper only says "wrong car" on it. They told me that the paper only meant that you were told there was a package on the wrong car, not an admission of guilt for a misload, but then they sent all those papers in with a suspension letter request. Since then, I have refused to sign anything because, as we all eventually find out, you can't trust anyone in management.

    The terminations are all working terminations. One guy never even got his warning letter before it happened.
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    Re: Misload Terminations


    The only thing you have to sign is......
    1. anything DOT related and.....
    2. your paycheck
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    Re: Misload Terminations

    Its ups scaring you into submission and attempting to hold you to a level thats almost impossible to reach. If they have fired anyone im sure they will be back anyday with pay, ups will scare you for this period to whip you into a frenzy. Just work at a safe pace do the job the right way and if you dont make your pieces per hour just say ya i know but i havent had any missorts either!
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    Our contract supplement states, in essence, that the function of management is to supervise the employee, not the performance of the employee. Therefore, I can't see anyone getting terminated for misloads.

    In our center they used to move people to the unload as punishment for poor performance but I'm not sure they can do that anymore since preloading went bid.

    There's strong language in the contract about harassment but need to tell the sup that you feel you're being harassed and please stop because you're doing the best you can. Have someone you trust around to witness the deal so if the harassment keeps up you've got a good case.

    The bs and grievance process is never ending. I don't understand why the games continue; such a waste of time. Sometimes I think it's not done on purpose but because the place is so messed up. Don't take it personal. dw
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    The misloads are a huge push from Corporate.
    Which means every management person from the Region to District Manager, Division Manager, Business Manager, Preload Manager, Preload Supervisors and P/T Preload Supervisors have to explain the misloads.

    Now, if I were not retired, I would be all over IE to analyze why misloads are occurring. You see, every operation should have a Package IE rep assigned and that is their job. To ensure the job setup is correct and performance goals are attainable.

    Years ago, it was possible to get this type of help from a Staff function. Nowadays, IE is so busy generating reports, they have no idea how to fix anything and support the operations.

    And years ago, a lot of IE folks were in operations at one point or another. Nowadays, they are degreed interns or specialists, who have zero operations experience.

    I once had an IE intern provide a new job set up for one of my operations. The only problem was that person was in the district office and not in the operation. Had the person taken the time to visit the operation, he would have known that everything on paper does not always transfer to the operation. In this case, I would have had to add onto the building to accomodate the volume they wanted to cram into one area of the building.

    Just keep doing your jobs to the best of your ability. You and only you know if you loaded a misload, as you look at every package prior to loading into your cars.
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    Amen to that. :yes:
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    We call them “wrong cars” here and they are a huge problem. The loader isn’t receiving any disciplinary action, zero zip nada. Everyday I have to go through my car after the first bulk stop and find what I can. If I’m lucky, I find them all and call the center. Later in the day a management person, or sometimes a split driver, will setup a meet point. Sometimes I’ll leave them at a stop to be picked up later. For the life of me I don’t understand how my loader and many others are getting away with this. If I mis-deliver a package it’s warning letter time. The preload is essentially doing the same thing with zero accountability. :confused:1

    I’ve practically begged preload management to “manage” my loader, nothing. I’ve witnessed my center manager ask the preload manager to check the cars, nothing.

    I know, some folks here will argue the preload is under staffed, pulling too many cars yada yada yada. I’m not buying it. We’re on “TSP” so the preload starts an hour earlier, driver start times only moved 30 minutes. They have time to do the job right especially considering it’s a 3 car pull.

    Shoot, I’d be willing to give my car a quick look before start time if preload management would show me they care.
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    Channahon...This boggles my mind.Why do they not see this and fix it?For a logistics company
    is it not logical to be logical?Maybe we need a
    Trump or a Gates to replace the rich ne'r do wells
    that are sailing the big brown boat before we hit
    that iceberg.Misloads occur because of a wide range of reasons,and are inevitable in a place
    that moves as much volume as we do.Hey Mike
    if you are reading this
    WAKE UP!
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    I don't know of anyone being terminated or suspended successfuly but I do know people getting letters... At our center "back in the day" before pass we had less volume and more time to do our work. Now it's reversed...More volume and less time to do the work...

    People without PAS who are getting ready to go on... Expect about five to eight more feeders and two hours less time...
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    Its usually up to someone like Channahon in her position to educate those who are removed from the battle lines.

    And realistically its also up to someone like you to educate those newer folks when they come around and ask questions. Part of our working together for the common good requires we all make time for the newbies trying to learn. We don't always have the patience for those folks.
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    Double that Amen
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    Misloads are such a big deal in our building that they had our Center Manager out running around last week, picking up misloads from drivers and shuttling them over to the correct drivers so they could deliver them.
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    kumbaya my lord kumbya oh lord kumbaya
    sorry tie I`m not used to you agreeing with me
    as for the misloads...file a grievance,9 out of 10 times its not your error
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    Therein lies the problem...

    The whole operation has everything to do with "numbers" and almost nothing to do with service anymore.

    They get these "degreed interns" and put them in these positions because it's less expensive than putting an "insider" into that position. Well...it's less expensive on paper, that is. But actually it's very costly in the long run.

    Until we get a CEO that is more service oriented, we will continue the spiral down. Of course "on paper" that spiral isn't apparent.

    My philosophy has always been.....if you run a company strictly by the numbers, your destined to fail.

    Spending a dollar to save a dime is pretty much the game we play these days. Unfortunately, the only thing that shows up on paper is the "dime saved".
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    Can you get fired for a wall falling that you are building? A wall fell I was building thought it was pretty tight but bags behind it was pushing it and boom the wall fell. Can they fire you for that?
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    One misload a week?? out of all those hundreds and hundreds of packages that are being shoved down your throats to be loaded into the truck as fast as you can?? UPS needs to get a grip!! Reminds me of the bully in the schoolyard demanding everyones milk money..What happens when you are short on a check because the sup didn't put your hours in correctly?? Is there a "zero tolerance" policy for that also??