Misloads Who is delivering them????

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by shock3rd, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. shock3rd

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    Can anyone tell me what your building is doing with the misloads that come up during each day from a preloader loading it on the wrong truck?
    My building in Hagerstown,Md sometimes gives them to the air drivers to run off but most of the time we find out that management is shuttling or delivering them.
    I understand & know how the contract reads about what air drivers can & cant do & about pay if they touch, handle or deliver ground pieces & how supervisors are not allowed to do it either. I'm just curious how other buildings manage them without them all being missed.

    PAUPSER New Member

    Are misloads at are center are delivered by the part-time supervisors and some causes I have even seen full -time superiors and are own center manager delivery them in there own personal vehicles 75% of the time. The rest of the time they are delivered the air driver. Its funny over peak to watch my center manger and other management to load there vehicle to the max to go out and deliver packages. Maybe that’s the reason they all either drive full size trucks or big SUVs, lol
    I personal wouldn’t even consider loading and delivery anything for ups in my car!
  3. shock3rd

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    See that is what happens at our bldg too. And it pisses me off that it is supposed to be our work not theirs. I told our bldg manager today that as of yesterday I did not want any supervisors delivering anything without exhausting all meens of getting a bargaing unit employee. He asked me what is my solution for the misload problem & how are we supposed to get them serviced. I'm a steward & a 22.3 preload/air employee & this problem frustrates me & I'm not sure how to solve it ?????
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    Grieve it. This can be (1) air exception work, UPS vehilcle or personal vehicle or (2) cover work. Either way, clearly contract violations that can easily be avoided by paying someone and not sending home covers or air covers or what have you. They're making numbers by doing bargaining unit work, bottom line.
  5. shock3rd

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    I understand the grievance procedure but how does your bldg handle misloads?
  6. our building generally tries to get them to drivers by using union employees but I know several management people (center managers, preload managers, FT Preload Supes) meet drivers with them. I've met drivers with LIBs on my way home, but I've never shuttled misloads. I'm sure thats not right either but I also have to work as directed, just like the hourlies.
  7. shock3rd

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    sounds to be the norm so far , not right but???? I'm just looking for a solution on how to get them serviced.
  8. You and pretty much everyone else thats on PAS haha. We've been having a small catastrophe with out of sync PAL labels these past couple days. This problem didnt exist pre-pas (out of syncs). I'll tell IE to get on it, I'm sure they can figure it out.

    PAUPSER New Member

    UPS is all about the number game so management will do whatever they have to do to get the numbers they need! Its not fair to the hourlys but thats just how it is at are center. I am not saying all management is like this but from my experience my center manager would cut off his finger to get the numbers ups wants! lol
  10. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    I'm not sure what the hub I just transfered to does, but at the past center it was air drivers, on-cars, other management etc passing them to drivers or delivering. All are violations in one way or the other. Management would call it "exception work" for the full-time air drivers even though it is not exception air work handling grounds and etc, and they aren't exception air drivers to begin with as that is part-time language. Still they lie and lie..
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    In are building depending on the time of day when the misload is found. We either leave the package at a stop then another driver or air driver picks it up or a full time sup comes out to get it from the driver.

    I had two today that the full time day sup came out and got from me at 3:00 pm
  12. Jones

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    We had an interesting trend going for a while. Drivers were being instructed to sheet misroutes as "future delivery" for the following day and give them to the clerk. Occasionally the instructions would be "don't sheet those packages, just bring them to the office when you get in". I sheet mine as missed if they don't come get them.
  13. KBlakk

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    The contract protects you and hangs you at the same time on this 1 when you file the grievance your center manager is goin to swear on his life that the only reason a member of the management team shuttled or delivered the package was so it didn't "miss service" now this excuse will work for commit packages but doesn't fly for ground:sick:
  14. brownrodster

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    In our building we have management shuttling packages to drivers to deliver. Sometimes, if available, they have safety guys or injured drivers shuttle packages. If it's late air then they have pt air guys from preload work late and shuttle packages.

    I don't have a problem wth management shuttling a few missloads around as long as drivers are delivering them...

    Can't afford to have union guys sitting around on stand by just in case some missloads pop up. And if you fight this hard enough with grievences then management will just direct you to deliver all your missloads...
  15. 705red

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    I work with a good group of guys that will either call me or tell me the next morning if a sup shuttled work.

    Right now out taw employees shuttle misloads from driver to driver and this is because of our dedication to stop sups from working and the commitment of my manager not to allow the sups to work.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    With UPS guaranteeing all residential deliveries on time, this issue will never go away. Even in December when all guarantees are null and void, you will still see this happen.
    The issue I have is when I see management cracking the whip on preloaders, rushing them, telling them they're not fast enough, then kick them off the clock.

    I wonder why there are misloads??
    Why rush a guy making (maybe) 11.00/hr then have a driver making 45.00/hr run off misloads on the other side of town?
  17. brownmonster

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    It's UPS. You spend a dollar to make a dime.
  18. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Preload sups and manager hurry preload to wrap up to make #s and bonuses.

    Drivers have misloads due to this hurry.

    Preload sups and manager attempt to write up or discipline preloader for misload because higher ups aren't happy with accuracy.

    No misloads next day but numbers are down, so bonuses in jeopardy.

    Rinse repeat
  19. some1else

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    im not sure putting a supervisor and a pt air driver in the same boat is fair. the contract does not say a pt employee may not deliver grounds, but it does say that mgmt must exhaust all available bargaining unit employees prior to mgmt touching packages. If there is no FT driver available contractually pt can deliver or shuttle-- and should before a sup.

    our building has the same issue; missloads and pkgs left behind that need to get out; this is usually over 1hour of work in driving time alone plus meeting drivers or delivering. almost everyday there are drivers who want to work; they are sent home; then the mgmt's personal vehicles pull in and are loaded up. it comes to about 5-8 hours a week spread over 4 sups about 20-30hours a week. nobody made a big deal of it in the past but after christmass it probably will be a big deal.
  20. Great Gazoo

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    If the package is on my car.... then it must be my work. I get 10 to 20 misroutes per week. I run them off even if each one takes me an extra 15 or 20 minutes.

    However, sometimes on a Friday I'll ods the misroutes in as I find them and let the scabs come out and take them. My Grandfather once told me a story how when in Europe during WWII he let a wounded Nazi soldier drink from his canteen. The hellbound prick died anyway, but Gramp said he felt good about his moment of compassion. Kind of the same thing.