Money isnt everything?

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    Staying with this company is a challenge, but I believe it will pay off. There are things in ANY job that can be complained about, and certainly there are things that are bothersome at UPS...however...

    UPS will take care of you in the longrun, assuming you make it that far. Your knees may be shot, you may be tired, and you may have a heart attack the day after you retire (comment to mgmt) but should you make it past all that, the pension and the benefits are worth the struggle in my opinion.

    My father is retired from 1 job after 21 years and when he is 65 he will draw around $700 a month from there. What is that? Stay with UPS and draw $4K plus with benefits. Quit after 20 years and find a job you enjoy that offers benefits... either way, it is worth the headaches in my opinion. What do you think?
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    atanman1 you take a commendable approach.A good manager is usually one who gets out in front,leads the charge and can admit that things can always be improved as your posts seem to reflect.I felt lucky to have a pension and being able to hit the 401k cap every year.But when IE starts slashing allowances at the same time $500 dollar awards for successful sales leads are the topic of every morning meeting,I get the feeling that in the future I'll be working on commission.Atanman1 I had to help 3 different drivers today,2 yesterday and haven't stopped for a break until 530pm at the earliest.There have been 2 girls from bussiness developement hanging around the DIAD room everyday for the last week and a half and as far as they are concerned,I'm a deadbeat who won't bring in new bussiness.I'm doing a route with 5% bussiness and the rest is residential.Aside from your DIAD tip,I don't know how I'm gonna find any.If I break off and try to solicit leads on another driver's route,I'm hearing it from him for infringement and then I'm being asked why I can't take stops off another guy by my boss.There's no way to please all parties anymore it seems.At this rate,I'd be happy with 25 and out.
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    Don't worry about IE. Those guys come and go. Sounds like you are one of the horses in your center as we call them. If your driver supervisor does not appreciate your effort, I am sure your OMS does at least, not that it counts for much.

    As far as Sales leads, if you really want to get some easily, when you punch out, browse toe ODS (messaging system) right before you punch out. Hit print screen on the OCA screen, you should be able to get about 25 of them. About half or so will sell. Dont worry about infringement... noone will even know you put them in. (You can now do sales leads in your diad) just go to the "split counts screen". As far as your that sux.. all resi.

    I dont know how things are in your center, but help the drivers farthest away... more miles.. more bonus, then snag an OS2 pick up on your way in. Youll have a full truck with more time allowance for OS, high miles etc.. wish everyone worked as hard as you... you are appreciated
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    Dont forget to look for the people on your resi route doing lots of business over the internet. I have for awhile and youll see lots of international there. Them people who live in front of their pcs, and make a living at it, could be a gold mine for leads. Ive set up several and I havent gotten rich, but I just got a new kitchen thanks to them[​IMG]I think ground pkgs are only .25, air is 1-3$, and international is I think 10$ dont quote me though, check