Must be one with the DIAD.

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  1. lovetokayak

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    I will be starting driver training in 6 days and beforehand I was given a CD for DIAD training. I have been working on it for a few days after work, practicing, but for some reason I keep mixing up the big up/down arrow with the enter buttons (as to when to use them.) It is driving me crazy. I know when to press stop complete, or move around on the screen with the enter button or small up/down arrows. Would there be any advice as to how to keep them straight and know when to use which? I cannot let the DIAD beat me! Thank you very much for any advice.
  2. DS

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    A cd?... was it in clarksville?
  3. cino321

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    Friend honestly, just using it will teach you, don't look into it that much or you'll be on the road wasting your time pondering about all your options when you need to complete a stop.
  4. lovetokayak

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    Nope, not in Clarksville. Midwest.
  5. GuyinBrown

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    Don't worry, you'll hear an annoying "beep" every time you try to make it do something it doesn't want to. :lol:
  6. hoser

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    the cd is so you get acquainted with it. just do that, don't worry about being able to refer sales leads or generate COD's on it..or getting driver assist ;)
  7. lovetokayak

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    Thanks so much. I know I shouldn't be stressing about this. The darn training cd nearly gives me a heart-attack when I make a mistake, so I try not to.
    Again, thank you.
  8. upsgrunt

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    Just remember little arrow moves within the screen and big arrow moves from screen to screen.
  9. SmithBarney

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    after doing 100+ times in one day, you'll soon figure out
    what to do.. surely you won't make the same mistake 100+ times... :)
  10. lovetokayak

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  11. lovetokayak

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    "after doing 100+ times in one day, you'll soon figure out
    what to do.. surely you won't make the same mistake 100+ times... :)"

    I hope not, otherwise I am major dummy. Anyways, I completed the training last night in order to get a print-out that I have to take in to my sup. Got 92%...needed 90% to "pass"...I was happy as a monkey to be finished. Thank you again for your advices!
  12. MR_Vengeance

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    now you can start running............:)
  13. 705red

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    Did you do this training on your time? Your sups made you take a ups test at home on your OWN time in order to go driving?

    Look you get paid to work, if you do things like this as a driver they will have you punching out on the road before you get back to the building, loading your truck, working through your lunch and breaks. Remember we work to live, not live to work!
  14. brazenbrown

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    Spoken like a true hard workin individual. :thumbup1:

    Make sure not to take any initiative to make sure you do well. God forbid I didn't..:w00t:

    And remember I'll be working to live for a long, long time.:lol::lol:
  15. lovetokayak

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    Yes, I was given two CDs a week or so ago. One is for driver training the other for the DIAD training. I was told to bring them home, complete them and then when I take off to training this coming week to bring the print out results with me to show I did the work. I didn't mind but I guess I didn't know any better either.
  16. TheJoe

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    yeah this is pretty much it in a nutshell, simplest but best advice..
  17. govols019

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    Holy old thread, Batman.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    That is pretty typical for management to encourage working outside of your work hrs. such as working through your lunch or your breaks or at home in your case. It would be good for you to talk to your shop steward regularly just so you have someone w/ wisdom of what goes on.
  19. DS

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    Hey Joe why did you drag this old thread up?