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    I had some issues with my license years ago. To be specific, speeding 16 years ago and two accidents 10 years ago in a courier work car. My latest incidents were two carpool HOV, the last one being July 12, 2016.

    Can someone help me out, what exactly do I need to disclose? Should I get my certified 39 mo MVR and only disclose what is on there and not worry about old incidents prior to 2010??
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    Maybe go back to Driver’s Ed, and then supplement that with a Defensive Driving class. Multiple accidents in work vehicles. Smh.
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    Disclose what they ask, have you had any accidents or moving violations in the past X years? If something falls in that time frame they ask tell them.
    If your an inside employees it's usually no combination of 3 in 3 years none in last 12 months. No dui on past 5 years I think
    Off the street hire ymmv depending on the needs of the center

    Does your state consider the hov moving violations?
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    It used to be they never checked --they just said they were going to so if you were smart and you wanted a UPS job-- you lied about everything :-). If they would have done a back ground check on me I couldn't have got hired as a dog catcher. I suppose now days all they have to do is buy into one of the personal information sites and all your dirty laundry pops up.
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    If you’ve had many wrecks and tickets in a car maybe you should think about being a bicycle courier

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    Jesus, is your real name Toonces ?