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    Are you tired of working over 8/9/10/11 hrs or more!!! Are you tired of seeing sups. violate the contract. I think we should declare May 31st National grievance day. You gotta problem with the way things are run. I say we stand united and grieve on this day; give them the summer to correct the violations' then on September 3rd, day after Labor, we declare it as National work the contact day. Take our lunch between the 3rd and 5th. Ask for an 8 hr day, if you don't get it grieve again. See a sup working... grieve it. If you see other violations grieve it! Over 4 billion a year on the backs of us working beyond the contract we need to send a message. 2013 is coming we need to start standing untied now. Bring it up and your next union meeting. I'll be making a site for us who are disfranchised; not something like the TDU, but a real site with a forum for us to unite. I'll pay with it with all the OT I've been working. I'll post a link when it's up and running, hopefully May 1st. Stay strong brothers and sisters. As Rage Against the Machine said in their lyrics "It has to start sometime. It has to start somewhere; what better place then here. What better time then now!"
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    Hoffa? Is that you? Seriously though, it has to start at the local level and getting people involved. Theres a lot of people who already do what you described above. The problem is getting others to do the same, especially hard in a right to work state such as Ga.
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    this is the new medium. Get members involved in a like mindset. We start on the web, sites' like twitter, etc. We'll grow in our discomfort. Scott Davis keeps preaching technology will keep the company growing, but it's just driving a wedge between us (teamsters) and the company. We need to turn the tables and use the national reach of the internet to unite and fight against them. It starts on the local level with information on how to defend themselves then the local files grievances. We have to throw :censored2: at the wall to see what sticks.
    We need to tell our local to stick up for and enforce the contract to make the international listen. I don't think Hoffa gets it, never been in a truck never had to deal with edd and dispatch. We need to get the word out to show up at the local meeting and be heard to lessen our daily load and get the company to comply with the honest days work for and honest days paid language of the contract.
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    You know what "Grinds my gears" ?

    Companies like UPS : They work every driver in average atleast 10hrs per day.
    That equals 1 new driver job out of existing 5 that could easily be created.
    The employees would have a family life again.
    And the US economy would recover, if all firms quit such a +10hr day policy.

    Personally, I see OT as a messure to help out in need, maybe once or twice a week (max), but on a constant daily basis, that is just being cheap, greedy and taking advantage.
    To cover their butts, they almost force every employee to constribute to the UW, so they can claim they are a great community orientated company, but in reality don't give their workers the time of day to have any decent family time.

    Maybe, people on here should stop blaming a politician for not creating enough jobs.
    Just look at your employer - blame it, for a change !
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    They won't add drivers because of the unknown business climate in the future. Same reason most corporations won't hire. Just ask Brett36. What a joke.
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    Well, Brett's excuse might work there and supported by the Tea Party, sure doesn't fly in Canada where UPS has the same tactics, in good or bad economic times !
    And, I could put my lifesavings on it, that they have the same policy in striving China, Brazil, or India.
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    UPS knows what the future business climate will be. They're shaping it in front of your very eyes on a daily basis.
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    they don't need to add drivers, they need to add routes...3rd day without my own route and 3rd day I've worked 11+ on the route I did, 10+hr center average day yesterday.
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    does the union have a twitter or face book account...would be a good place to start
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    I do all those things every day. Why wait for one special day?
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    P.S. I don't know if it was you that talked about the "job performance" displays in centers ( sporh, lunches, back events etc etc) for drivers and preloaders (misloads), but the lead driver steward in our center got upset when he saw the grievance we put forth to take that information down. THe grievance was recinded, very well presented too.

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    Isn't soliciting greivances a violation of the contract? So you want to promote honoring the contract by violating it? This thread is an example of why you people need to be supervised, why you people have to pay someone to represent you, and why most of you couldn't get a job anywhere else. Sometimes you union folk just make it too easy.
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    If Management bends, twists, breaks craps all over the contract, then why should us low lying bums follow the contract? 99.9% of all UPS employees are supervised. What is your point? Aren't my Sup's being supervised? Isn't my center manager being supervised? Isn't my building manager being Supervised....... Pretty stupid comment you made. I pay someone to represent me for the $'s I make and the bennies I get......seems to be working for me. As far as getting a job else where......Thats a good one. I would be willing to bet MOST drivers would have a pretty easy time getting a job. That is one problem we don't have....short of our bodies being broken down......
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    In Canada they do ! UPS hires FT drivers off the street ! Why is that ?

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    How much do you want to bet? Most of you have trouble putting sentences together. I bet you can't find a job making a drivers pay and benefits anywhere else. I bet you would have trouble getting a job anywhere period. What would your resume say?

    Name: Joe Union
    Qualifications: I can take orders real well
    Education: Some high school
    Experience: I loaded trucks and now I'm a Package Delivery Specialist

    I bet they would be beating down your door.

    Yes all of UPS employees are supervised to some extent. It's how we keep things in line. The only difference is you folk can't supervise yourself yet anyone else. The comment is only stupid because you can't understand it. Your bodies are broken down because your lazy and you aren't in shape. I have come in contact with plenty of drivers that aren't broken down. They are the hard working good employees. The lazy out of shape drivers are the ones always complaining about their bodies.
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    These comments are why people on here don't take you seriously. These types of comments are why your fellow "partners" who post on here don't take you seriously either...time to grow up and start adding some positive contributions to this site.
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    Do you have any clue how much other employers drool over the work ethic of the "Average Joe" Package Delivery Specialist?!?! You need to step outside of your bubble, now and then.
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    Someone tried this crap on me once. ONCE. I wasn't the one who was spoken to by the DM.
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    Saw one of those today on the phone for feeder inbound. Wonder how long it will last up there?