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Burn this whole thing into the ground
speigels, hanna anderson, juiceman....just to name a few new ones. thanks posr office, your loss our gain!!!

outta hours

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I get between 10-15 a day at my post office. Last week I had two that weighed 18 and 21 lbs. I thought the limit for basic was 5 lbs. Did the limit change? If so I would love to del. a Select Comfort bed to the Post Office, or maybe a Bowflex. Not sure if they could cram it in their jeep though.


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The size limits went up some time last year.
We used to have only one smalls bag to the PO office about 15 or so pieces
now its 3+ bags daily.. there really is no easy way to haul those bags
without a handtruck or dragging them.