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hey folks-

I was promoted to cover driver from preload not too long ago. They assigned me a route formerly done by a driver now on worker's comp. Supposedly it is the toughest route in the center, with 200+ stops on a full load. So far they've taken sections out to keep the stops around 140, and i've been coming in at 130-140 over with 17.x sporh. the center manager would like to put those sections back on and wants me to try coming in less than 100 over (while maintaining the sporh), though I dont see that happening without me being out for over 10 hours. Should I just do the route and come back at whatever time or is there an option for me? thanks


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First, I would concentrate on SPOHR. You really can't figure both SPOHR AND over/under, and SPOHR is what they're supposed to go by.

Obviously, if you reduce your paid over, your SPOHR would go up.

Let him put the sections back on you, but do the route the same safe way you've been doing it. Take your lunch and breaks and see what happens.


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You have got to run twentyone stops per hour to plan up to a 9.5 day. Be sure to take your hour lunch and hope the bid driver gets well soon so maybe you can get a better route! Two hundred stops on an area is very excessive unless this is an extremely tight area. It ain't Peak Season yet, although my stop count sometimes hits 180. I have run 225 in 8 hours during peak without using a helper, but this is only for a few weeks instead of every day.


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Actually The Sections That Are Taken Off Might Be The High Stop Per Road Hour Section. The Stops In Those Sections Might Be Closest Together, As Well As One Pkg. Stops.