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    I believe it was poster 1989 that was from out west stated that when they punch out for lunch on their daid the board will basically shut down and the clock on the diad will start counting down your lunch 60 59 58....0. I am in virgina and asked my center manager about it. He didnt know about the diad feature, but has been getting memos from the top about making sure lunches are coded out. I assume it will just be a matter of time before it gets to us. I believe it's because of the class action suit in calif. I have a few ? s 1)does the board prompt you to take the hour between the 4 and 6 hour? 2)When the diad timer starts can you stop it(break up your lunch,30 min here, then 20 min there and a 10 min break). I assume for the driver that has a practice of skipping meals will have a tuff time with this. Seeing that it renders the board inoperative. If someone did want to work thru lunch they could just prerecord(has to be resi,no sig)10,15 or 20 stops before the 1 hr lunch, then run the stops during the hour. Then after lunch is over, close the stops out. Is there anyone here that is using it now? Please give us any info on this change.
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    I’m also in Virginia. Our center manager told us last week that lunch time must be coded in the diad. I take my hour every day, but until recently I never coded out the time. The center manager said when we take it is up to us, but we had better code it out. The center manager said that failing to code out the time and having a report showing large gaps would create a disciplinary issue. No further questions were taken, led me to believe lunch would not be deducted if it weren’t coded out. That’s a good thing. We were pcm’d this week that time card audits showed some folks failing to code out lunch properly. Makes me think something is headed down the pike.
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    They've been saying that to us too. "Make sure lunch and breaks are in the DIAD".

    I wish ALL DIADS would go down for an hour so EVERYONE would have to take their lunch. No brown-nosers. No lunch-runners. No exceptions.
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    OK I`ve been following this issue,and reading all the posts.
    area 43 ,do a browncafe search for class action suit.Theres
    over 300 responses in there and you just may find your answer.
    upsdude,we have always been told to put our full break in the board.This lawsuit came about because drivers were not taking a lunch and not being paid for it.There was simply not
    enough time in a day to take lunch and do 240 stops.I think
    they are going to implement a "paid actual" system whereas
    you would not have your break taken off automatically,and
    that youd be expected to stop for lunch.Kinda like having a standing code 05 in effect.I dont know about the diad going into sleep mode,that seems a bit much to me,but what do I know,were still on diad 3 here and PAS&EDD are not even
    rumours here yet.We still accept CASH for cod`s.We do have
    sups trying to rip off drivers by offering a code 05 and sneaking in early and taking it away in the hope you wont notice.Everbody needs to stop and take lunch to fix things.
  5. Lets think about this; if diad would shut down for a full hour management would be forced to add more routes. There would be no way around it and that is a good thing!!
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    I agree. It should be a standard code 5. You get deducted the amount of time you take for lunch. This is the way every other company in America does it. Not at UPS, because UPS would have to pay their drivers OT to make 4:30 pick-ups.

    And I also have to agree with Over9five. If the company is docking us an hour and giving 2 ten minute breaks, we must take them.

    As for the DIAD shutting down for an hour, I don't see how the district could sign off on that where I'm from. There are too many routes that are strictly businesses and pick-ups, and hundreds off packages would be missed in my center alone if driver's weren't allowed to take part of their breaks after pick-ups.
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    I found the post by 1989. Located in the latest UPS headlines forum, Article, millions paid by UPS in a class action law suit. He s alittle vague, but does say the board goes down.
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    Thread "making the transition" permalink 63 by 1989. Mentions the board counting down your lunch. He seems honest(1989). I thought these remarks by him were very interesting and others should know. Didnt think at the time to private message him. Will do and I will report back or he will.
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    I agree.
  10. I skip my lunch but i get paid.I'm in a bonus center and my route has a some

    what of an acurate time study.I have kids playing ball and chose to go to the

    games.It seems in my center the drivers that complain the most about drivers

    skipping their lunches are the people that run 2 hours over.For the entering

    lunches they are saying it is an integerity issue getting ready for when it will

    become a reality of getting paid for time worked, this came from a DM.
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    This is good for everyone...and I believe the taking your lunch off automatically was and still is unethical and has proved to be a great way to steal money from already overworked drivers.But,as far as it going down at a certain time each day is crap.Every area and every route is different.I may be crazy,
    but if I get an oncall during my 50 min break,I want to know about it then,not in 50 min when I have to tell them I cant do it.If I answer a text message on my break am I doing it to do my job or am I just gonna ignore it until my 50 min is up?
    I`m not out to hose them,even though at times they seem to be out to hose us.I like my job and I try to appease them
    when they need me to code 05,but I cant see that ever changing.Only well trained drivers on thier own route can get thier lunch every day,thats just wrong.
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    in my center they no longer take out automatic lunch whatever we code in lunch area is what they deduct so if you skip your lunch you get paid for it
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    This is what weve been waiting to hear
    Where are you located...?
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    chicago area this went in effect here in march
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    I'm in Washington, and we've had this feature for about 2 years now. Your computer will give you a prompt at the 4 hour 30 min mark letting you know you are intitled to a lunchbreak and should take one. It will NOT shut down automatically. You have to do it. Once you punch in your lunch, it'll ask you how long of lunch you want to take. So far, the company has not made us take a full hour. But, in our state, the law states 30 minutes for lunch. The company cannot set standards above the states, so we are allowed to take a 30 (thank God). Once you hit the time frame you want to take and hit enter, it'll ask you if you still want to take lunch. Once you hit yes, it goes to sleep. Has a prompt that say something like "you are to take your full lunch per local bilaws" or something like that. It will show a countdown if you hit a button on your DIAD. But it won't stay lit the whole time. One cool feature is you get a 5 minute warning before your lunch is over. Computer lights up and makes a loud beeping sound. Then countsdown the last 5 minutes. You do not have a settime to take your lunch, though it'll tell you to take it. It won't shut down on it's own. You can take your lunch during whatever time frame your state denotes (which an end of day lunch I'd assume is out of every states codes). We've had a few drivers win grievences over taking a lunch in the 3rd hour (not in agreement, but legal by states standards). He won.
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    In Washington they paid out a second lunch lawsuit...The software prompts you a couple times (20min. before, 10 min. before, or so) before the end of your 5th hour. If you take lunch late (or no lunch) it's a lunch violation and warning letter and a progression to termination...When you put your lunch in, you get an option 1hr or 30 min. Then it counts down 60...59...58..etc. or 30...29...28. You must take at least 30 min. Say you have time to take 45min. you would hit the end lunch button with 15 min. left. There is only one lunch you wouldn't take 30min here then 20min then 10 min later.
    You can't prerecord stops because they have reports for that. Time stamps when you prerecord packages, and your records will show taking out of prerecord then a stop complete. They will think you are working through your lunch. One guy prerecorded stops and worked through his lunch to get off early and was terminated. He didn't fight it, so I don't know if the union could save his job.
    When I moved to Montana they automatically take out an hour (which I didn't know). It took me two weeks to realize I missed out on 5 hours of overtime because I was taking 30min. lunches. I think if they automatically take out an hour it's falsifying records.:mad:
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    Steelheader69 and 1989, thanks for your replies on the issue. At first I thought I was going a little nuts(seeing things). Diad sleeping? The diad talking to us,telling us its "lunchy time". UPS actually wanting us to take our lunch and having a computer program installed telling us to take lunch(mgt really does want us to take lunch,yeah right)lol. Thats why in Ca. they sued the pants off them. Ive always taken my lunch but I believe this is a epidemic problem, nationwide and UPS is fully aware of it(cause ups saves millions,he he). Like 1989 said before, Why doesnt UPS have this system implemented nationwide? By not doing so, dont they open themselves up to another lawsuit? Members of this site, what are your thoughts and comments on this issue
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    After reading all of these posts just about lunch, I wish all of UPS was uniform on everything all around the country. After all its all the same company and we all do the same job.
  19. Yep, I drive out in California. lunch is mandatory, you must take it between your
    4th and 5th hour of work. its a 30 min lunch not an hour. my start time is 9am so I must start my lunch no earlier then 1pm and not later then 1:59. I guess more clearly stated you must start your lunch between your 4th and 5th hour. you can`t break your lunch up, you must take it all at once. it will say diad disabled and count down from 30 min, at 5 min left it will beep and let you know lunch is almost over. and no you can`t prerecord and do stops, they will know and you will get written up for working during lunch. they want you to take your 1st break before your 4th hour and your second break after your 5th hour but they don`t seem to care too much when you take them its the lunch that is the
    big deal. however when you put in your start and end times for each break make sure you get it right because once you enter it you can not change it even to fix a mistake. don`t hit enter until you are sure its right. even the guy that corrects time cards can`t change any times you entered for breaks. however, they say it does not cause any problems if the times are wrong. I guess its because they are paid breaks but I don`t know for sure.
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    they need to do this all over the country