New UPS Contract Info Website

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by JonFrum, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. JonFrum

    JonFrum Guest

    TDU has just put up a new website to keep UPSers informed about contract negotiations. Be sure to click on all the tabs. . . .
  2. Cezanne

    Cezanne New Member

    Thanks for the site information..I hope that people will use it as intended or at least have the opportunity to vent with the hope of the negotiating committee members listening or acting on our behalf...Time is short considering the union's deadline is the end of March "07":w00t:
  3. brett636

    brett636 Well-Known Member

    sweet, I was hoping I could get a better idea of what was going on other than a newsletter from the teamsters every 3 months.
  4. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I joined this site, but I got the impression that TDU, not the IBT, is actually running it. It has some interesting links to it. I don't know if it will have any impact on the 2008 Contract negotiations going on right now.
  5. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I think it's screwed up how they keep refering to "30 and out" pensions as if we all still get that! lol!