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    New to brown cafe. I tried to search the site looking for help with how to deal with yard control issues but have not found anything. So basically looking for advice or to be told that it is normal to have this much chaos and unwillingness to help or is there something I can do. Right now I think this job is a thankless hopeless job where I am used as a scapegoat for cuz I am the new kid on the block.

    1. Is it normal to get blamed for alot of things that seem way out of your control?

    2. Does Flow Control seem to think they are your boss and you do what they say?

    3. Do you have difficulty distinquishing between NOW moves, OMG I just blew out of a trailer moves, oh noeessss flowcontrol just put up wrong door for inbound move/replace moves, and this trailer is full of pallets/garbage/gondolas/trash replace it now?

    4. Shifters just dropping trailers where ever they want even on the wrong inbound door and not fixing their mistake and/or clearing through moves so they can go home?

    5. Is there truly a HUB vs Feeders hatred that is national?

    6. Lastly, the endless amount of high school drama that goes on. Sorry my high school never acted like these people. I look at some of them when they stir up drama and just wonder how they made it to a job like this and pray they dont reproduce.

    Is it normal to have all this chaotic behavior and is this job truly just the scapegoat job of UPS. I would feel better if this was normal or anyone have advice because my patience with inefficiency and whiny-ness is wearing very thin.

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    Are you Yard control managment or a shifter?
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    I would like to hear any perspective that would give insight into the questions I have asked. Yard control management or a shifter with experiences or perspectives would be a welcome insight.