feeder driver

  1. B

    New Young Feeder Driver

    Hey all. 25 year old feeder driver here. I am the newest low man (on call). This is so exciting. I look at the seniority and bid board, and people have FT seniority dates dating back to the 70s and 80s. It's insane, but makes me excited to make a career out of UPS and have about 35+ years left...
  2. BobTailing

    Feeder CPU local service area vs HUB

    Is anyone aware of any language in the contract about local service area CPU work for feeders being made by HUB feeder drivers instead of the local service area feeder drivers? I am a local cover feeder driver and my local service area just gained a large CPU account that has the work to create...
  3. P

    New feeder driver

    Hey all: Have an opportunity to take a position as a feeder driver in NJ. Does anyone have any insight on what i can expect my start time and weekly schedule to be, and mainly will i be local? I can’t do multiple days away. Thanks in advance
  4. C

    what should I do?

    Hey yall, I started Feeder back in September and since I've started I've had issues with my pay rate. for whatever reason it says my current pay rate is $15.00 hr and payroll has to go in every week to adjust it. I filled a grievance 3 weeks ago about the issue because I was in the system as...
  5. U

    UPS Freight vs. UPS Feeder Driver etc vs OTR Dedicated vs UPS Air Driver,etc, etc

    I have a current CDL with doubles/triples, hazmat, twic card and been telling everyone and their mother that I have my CDL. I just made Combo Driver (package car) and I'm still in my packet. I took the position as I was looking for full-time work anyway and wanted to secure my spot in UPS. I'm a...
  6. R

    UPS feeder or freight school.

    Does anyone know how long you have to sign a contract with UPS once they put you through school? Not that i plan on leaving such a great company, i just might be moving to a different state and heard its pretty hard to transfer. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Alex805

    PT Preload/Air Driver Going feeder.!

    So I was recently awarded a Backup Feeder position. Should be starting my training soon. I have so many questions. Has anyone ever gone PT into feeder like me? 1- Will I become FT now that I have the Job. 2- Will I stay in Preload? Or is there a better sort I should be on for more driving...
  8. J

    Feeder seasonal road test

    hey guys, I have a road test tomorrow for the seasonal feeder position in NJ, and I’m just trying to figure rue out what to expect. Not sure if UPS runs a pre trip like the dmv does, or if it’s harder or easier. Just trying to be 100% prepared for whatever comes along. Thanks
  9. Shutterbug02

    Seasonal TractorTrailer Driver positions Fl. (On topic pls.)

    Hello all... I am interested if UPS hires seasonal big truck drivers for the Tampa/Ocala area. I’m only interested in seasonal, also tractor trailer only. I have 24 years experience ( 2 driving jobs last 24 yrs, first 9 yrs, last 15 yrs). Also, clean MVR. No doubles endorsement. Thanks for your...
  10. F

    Looking to make the jump

    Looking for advice,thinking of making the jump from Fedex to UPS as a feeder driver. There is a New building going up in my area and they are looking for permanent full time drivers. Any info provided is appreciated. I have lots of vacation to lose with 20+ years here where I am currently at,but...
  11. Motivated_Man

    Soon to be feeder driver.

    Hey fellow brown members. My building is new and I just wanted to get some tips for feeders. I live in California and have the CDL handbook I'm just not sure on what sections I should read and what sections I shouldn't and if I should focus on one more than the other. Thanks boys.
  12. R

    Non Union Technical to Tractor/Feeder Driver

    I have been employed with UPS since 2014, I am currently on a non-union technical role. I want to grow with UPS but it seems only the union staff is growing. I had no idea a union existed prior to being hired. I would like to become a feeder driver. I will get my CDL in the next few months. I...
  13. T

    Trying to get into Feeders

    So I put my name on the feeder bid sheet towards the end of last year... They call me to get the process started, visited the hr guy to sign paperwork get my drug test paperwork and complete my application, and background check told me everything I had to get done before the training class in...
  14. TakeABreakDriver8

    Feeder -vs- Package

    I signed a bid sheet and have been called about going to feeders from package. Can you amazing people, especially those who have behind-the-scenes experience, help me weigh out the pros and cons? A bit about me, specifics to consider: Driver for 4 years, never drove a semi-sized vehicle before...
  15. Cyclops

    Study materials for Feeders (on topic)

    Are there any online studying materials to prepair for feeder driver training? I live a good way away from work and I work at night. If not, I’ll have to just go up to HR during the day. Just thought I’d check here.
  16. Brown Now

    New IVIS

    Is anyone running/testing the new IVIS? I’ve seen it, played around with it, but it was a tester that was being shown to me. A couple of our tractors had the new mounts for the new IVIS installed in them, but no IVIS. They had to put tape over the red light on the dashboard because it’s so...
  17. Brown Now


    I’ve seen new T-dollies being put into service this week. I’ve had trouble with them in the past when they first came out, mainly a sway sensation from the rear trailer, but whatever they did, it’s gone now. Had a fellow Feeder driver on the phone when I passed next to him,said the trailers...
  18. Rick Ross

    Fatality at PLEGA (Pleasantdale Hub) - RIP

    Police: UPS worker killed in loading dock accident
  19. ThaBlakesta

    Pilots quit?

    Our Boss who usually doesn’t know what he’s talking about said 200 UPS pilots quit has anyone else heard this?
  20. Dracula

    Feeder Hours

    Has anyone in feeders lost hours, due to gypsies working?