no budget for recruitment?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by aspenleaf, May 11, 2006.

  1. aspenleaf

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    We were told today that there is no money in the budget to recruit new people to work in our hub. So they have asked us to try to find people and have them contact HR. All my friends think I am nuts to work at 3 am and load trucks; so they declined. The other preloaders have similar stories. They (UPS) are not going to colleges to find new hires and they need to; I found a job with UPS from my school by looking at the flyer and then going online.

    Does anyone have ideas on how to find more worker bees to load trucks? Our center has the highest turn over rate and we are down a few people right now. I don't understand why they would not budget any monies to get and retain new people when they know that the turnover rate is so high.
  2. Slothrop

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    Hire immigrants.
  3. InTheRed

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    I never heard of them saying they didn't have the budget to go and recruit. Usually the department will have a healthy relationship with numerous colleges in the area, particularly the county colleges and technical schools. I always found that of the students who worked in the hub, most were from county/community colleges as opposed to big name universities.
  4. aspenleaf

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    Right, the community colleges are a great place and how much does it cost to hang a flyer? I enjoy my job and wish others would stay longer to enjoy the benefits.
  5. over9five

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    "Hire immigrants."

    They would, but they hate having to pay them...and then pay for the huge increase in "lost" claims.

    Not that I'm suggesting that had anything to do with the immigrants.....well.....yes I am....
  6. dannyboy

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    IF you look at the way things are you will find that you can get a job at Wendy's making about 7 bucks an hour. Not really that hard a job. Now you go to UPS, they work your ass off, pay you 8.50 an hour, and make you work nights.

    Now tell me who would do that for a dollar fifty an hour?

    As for colleges, they used to be a great place to get people that needed money. But not that much anymore. Many have every bit of their education paid for and would rather party or hang than to work.

    One last thought. One which I suggested when they told me the whites creek hub had a 400-500% turn over. The contract says that the $8.50 pay is a minimum. UPS can and should pay more to get good workers in. The 850 is the least they can pay, and most people can get jobs working close to that amount without working nearly as hard. And with the jobless rate as low as it is, not that many looking for jobs.

  7. aspenleaf

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    Good points D. . .in my hub they started us at 9.50 I would not have joined for 8.50 since like you said Wendys pays almost as much for less work. I went to UPS because no one else had the hours (sunrise) that I needed for school. We did have a young man (about 22 yrs) who did party all the time and eventually left (he should have been fired months ago anyway since he'd be a no call no show at least once a week).
  8. iloadthetruck

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    Aspen, I find this very hard to believe. How hard would it be for your HR rep to print out some flyers, get some goodies, and go sit at a career fair for a few hours? Ours did it all the time.
  9. retired2000

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    just like ups. they want you to do more so they do not have to. why pay someone to go sit at a school when they have someone like you to do it for them. :confused:1
  10. GGG Goward

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    Yes, there is no money for recruitment, but luckily, management has continued to recieve record MIP(Stock Gift) for 5 consecutive years.

    As long as the suit keeps getting rich, you should be proud to work at UPS. They all are geniuses, afterall. They do work harder than you.

    Be thankful they employ you.
  11. wkmac

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    OH NO! Retired is badmouthing the Team!

    Hey Retired,
    Just funnin' with ya but I take it by the 2000' part in your alias that this is when you hit the good life? As hard as it is for me to even believe this company has changed a lot in that time and not so much for the good either. This ain't the same company it was 10, 15 or even 20 years ago and I don't mean that comment in a good way either. Since we went public it's not about the company or the customer but rather about the stock price and Wall Street. As yes I own a nice sum of stock and benefitted hugely when it went public but I'd give it all up to go back private in a heartbeat. In fact, I believe based on trends prior to the public offering that our stock would very likely be ahead now instead of where it's at so there you go.

    Now I'm sure the party loyalists to Glenlake will show up to whip me back into line but down where the real work takes place my thinking with both hourly and management is the view of the vast majority of UPSers. I guess the brown colored glasses are starting to wear clear for many of us and in fact have been for some time. I'm even surprised when I hear Jim Casey's name mentioned and I've even met some FT. sup's who really didn't know about Casey other than the name. What does that tell you?

  12. 25yrvet

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    I was P/T in the early 80's---11.87 an hour. The company didn't have to 'recruit'. Paying that kind of wage then resulted in a line at the door for employment & the company could hire quality people who became quality drivers.
  13. iloadthetruck

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    Word on the street is we may purchase back some shares if we don't find any "appropriate" acquisition targets. This would be akin to making the company more privately owned again and would probably cause the stock price to rise.
  14. sendagain

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    I'd call the athletic departments at any college nearby and try to get some athletes on the payroll. A lot of them know how to hustle and they might eventually do well in a driving job.
  15. aspenleaf

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    We have a guy on my line who also delivers pizzas on the weekends we told him to take some flyers with him. I think the budget ramps up for peak but for now we were told that had no monies.
  16. KeepItSimple

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    I love seeing these posts from people who remain nameless. I'm surprised you can afford a computer to write this considering how UPS management is making all the money and you apparently get nothing..... Those evil management people:wink:
  17. retired2000

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    yes, wkmac the year 2000 is when i hit the good life. i still keep in touch with alot of my ups buddies. i know it is not the same company now. i thought they watched over use before but now with the new diad and all i hear it is alot worse. of course the reason they have all of those new gimmicks in the diad is because of guys like me. you see i was not a real trouble maker but i had my days. ex. i would fudge p/u times on the p/u sheet, save miles from the truck so i could use them one day when i ran short. ( build up time) the list goes on. so just remember what you do today has an effect on the person down the raod.:thumbup1:
  18. trickpony1

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    Perhaps you are one of the chosen few that gets a large sum of stock dumped in his/her lap each year.
    Your comment about how GGG coward probably can't afford a computer was pretentious.
    As far as "people who remain nameless", you as well as everyone else on this board are "nameless"....some are just registered.
    GGGcoward's opinion appears to carry alot more weight and substance than yours.
    My guess is you're in management?
  19. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Its a shame that the pizza delivery guy will more than likely take home more per hour than our part time start out at.

  20. aspenleaf

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    He does okay with the pizzas but the price of gas is too high and UPS has better benefits and he for some reason wants to be UPS driver. He hates preload and can't wait until he can drive full time. He does the Saturday air drive right now and loves it.